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Welcome to Opulent Temple, a leading not-for-profit electronic music stage production emerging from Burning Man and based in San Francisco. We operate by volunteer effort and are funded solely by supporter donation in large part through fundraiser events all year round. The trademark DJ booth known as the O-pod is comprised of artfully twisted steel details, designed and welded by the OT resident DJ's themselves. The stage is illuminated mainly by firelight from DJ controlled flame thrower effects. The sound is raw, unexpected, full-bodied and visceral. The iconic symbol of the Dancing Shiva has been emblazoned at a wide array of events across North America and Europe. What they find at Opulent Temple is a peak experience of sacred dance to world class music.

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Opulent Massive Aftermath

*Thank you to the whole community that came out for the Opulent Massive**

WOW !! What a night. We are stoked and humbled by the amazing show of support on Friday night. Thanks to you, we can safely say we WILL be at Burning Man '09. Special thanks to all the crews, collaborators, volunteers, artists, performers, and help along the way to make this possible. You all rock !

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