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Welcome to Opulent Temple, a leading not-for-profit electronic music stage production emerging from Burning Man and based in San Francisco. We operate by volunteer effort and are funded solely by supporter donation in large part through fundraiser events all year round. The trademark DJ booth known as the O-pod is comprised of artfully twisted steel details, designed and welded by the OT resident DJ's themselves. The stage is illuminated mainly by firelight from DJ controlled flame thrower effects. The sound is raw, unexpected, full-bodied and visceral. The iconic symbol of the Dancing Shiva has been emblazoned at a wide array of events across North America and Europe. What they find at Opulent Temple is a peak experience of sacred dance to world class music.

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Green the Mind : July 21st

Opulent Temple presents: Green the Mind Saturday, July 21st
We can start to feel it in the horizon. The far off starts to become tangible. Intimations of dusty peak experience. For us, that means a lot has to happen to move from Vision to Reality. We're doing 2 years worth of projects in one summer. Elevating what a communal musical experience can be - both figuratively and literally. When you see you will understand. To go over the top, as always, is a community effort. In that spirit, we ask for the support of the community one last time on the late night front so we can create the greatest possible playground for you in Black Rock City. Our last 2 fundraisers fell on weekends with too much going on to do really well. We hope you can rally with us this Saturday. We promise you won't be disappointed in the investment...
***At the GINGERBREAD WAREHOUSE :: 1275 Connecticut @ Cesar Chavez. Don't park up the hill, use the cheap lot across the street. No need to BYO, we got you covered all night. *** House, breaks, electro and beyond with... M3 (Green Gorilla) Kramer (Deep End) Eric Sharp (Rockit Science / Minx) Rhythmystic (Beatstream / Freek Factory) Raydeus (Pronoia) Hoj (Opel / djhoj.com /Opulent Temple) Nathan Vain (Opulent Temple / Dancerecords.com) Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple) Drew (Opulent Temple) Mace (DeckAde) Cosmic Selector (Opulent Temple) ...and much more tba $10 before 12M $10- $15 sliding donation after 12M 2 dance areas, BM visuals Bring your Toys! At the venerable Gingerbread Warehouse : 1275 Connecticut @ Cesar Chavez.

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