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Opulent Temple camp registration is now open for 2018.


Thanks for your interest in camping with us in 2018. If you’d like to be a part of the OT community and the unique event contribution that we bring, we have spots for motivated participants and supporters. After taking it relatively easy (for us) the last 3 years, 2018 we’ll be back full force, DJ booth blazing and all systems go. We are going for an ambitious scale akin to our biggest camps of the past. As a completely community driven effort, we’d love your help, we need your help!

inner camp will the large shaded area that debuted at Opulent Chill last year with carpet, couches, decor and pillows for gathering and chilling. We will have a full functioning power grid you can plug into. We will also have our custom built indoor 3 stall shower trailer and a large water tank camp members have access to. We have access to Dubgypsy’s meal plan close by (they deliver the meals to OT) and will coordinate water and pumping if you’re coming in an RV.

No particular skills are needed, mostly we’re looking for solid, nice, conscientious and reliable people who know how to balance work and play. However, we don’t accept everybody that’s interested. We place a great deal of importance on the right vibe and match of like-minded people that will add to our family and we want people who will step up when the call goes out. We’ll need to hear why you’re interested, and why you think it’s a good match for what kind of BM experience you want to have. If you’re in the Bay Area you’ll need to attend a camp wide meeting before BM. If you’re not, ideally (not always) you need to know someone in the camp.

For most, basic camp requirements are the ability to pay camp dues, an effort to help out as much as you can before the playa in any number of ways if you’re in the SF area, taking on some limited responsibilities while at Burning Man, and contributing to the break down of the camp (Strike). (Or you can skip most of that with higher dues).

For more details and info, please get in contact and we can tell you more. Do not try to register before you’ve made contact with us. If you’ve already been in contact and cleared to camp with us — excellent choice! Register at our Members Area now. But, did we mention – Do not try to register before you’ve made contact with us! We look forward to chatting.



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