Member Dues

Camp Dues

All member dues are due by August 19th. We do NOT accept dues at Burning Man. We will quickly reach capacity for our camp this year. Remember, your spot in the camp is only secured once you have paid your dues. If you have registered but we reach capacity before you have paid your dues you will not be camping with us, sorry.

Options for your level of participation and associated dues:

  • Working Member: $100
    This is open only to returning camp members or known referrals. Working Members commit to help with two days of Set Up (regardless of arrival day), do a 4 Hour Hosting Shift, and help with Strike on Sunday from either 10am-5pm or 12n – sunset (your choice). Early arrivals are only available to Working Members.
    • Two days of setup: For example, if you arrive on playa Monday afternoon, you’ll first set up your camp, then once done make yourself available to the Day Lead for help around the camp for the rest of the day, all of the next day Tuesday, and the morning of Wednesday to complete a 48 hour cycle.  Given the scale of our camp, in this example, it’s unlikely we’d need you all day Tuesday and into Wednesday, but we do consider you ‘on call’ for help as it’s needed.  (ie – you show up to the Daily 12n meeting and don’t just disappear). Following through on this expectation is paramount to being a Working Member of OT.
    • Hosting Shift: the shifts are during our nightly events, for 4 hours.
    • Strike: Work on Sunday from either 10am-5pm or 12n – sunset (your choice).  We will collect a separate $500 collateral deposit check which will be torn up if you indeed honor your Strike commitment. However, if you don’t show up at your agreed upon Strike shift, we will keep the deposit in full.
      • If you don’t want to help our camp with set up and Strike, you’ll want to sign up as a Supporting Member (see below).
      • International Members: Your Strike deposit can be paid via PayPal for $100USD. We guarantee a full refund, in cash and on-playa, immediately after your Strike commitments are met. We promise!
  • Participating Member: $250
    This is open to anyone camping with us. Participating members have no set up responsibilities regardless of arrival day but DO take 1 Hosting shift AND help with Strike on Sunday from either 10am-5pm or 12n – sunset (your choice).
  • Supporting Member 1: $400
    No work responsibilities but you still must be an awesome person, naturally. Help still welcome and appreciated!

Power Fees:

All power fees must be paid by August 19th. Limited on-playa requests for power plug-ins can possibly be accommodated on a first-come-first-served basis and with a $275 “dummy penalty” to the power vendor.

  • $100 per RV – plug into the camp power grid so your own generator isn’t used. (RV’s only)
  • $50 for tents using an AC unit or other heavy power draw.
  • $20 for tents using minimal power for lights, re-charging phones, cameras, etc.

For more information on power see Plugging Into Camp Power on Camp Overview page.

Payment Methods:


Please pay dues via the Camp Registration form.


You may also submit your camp dues via check or money order to:

Sacred Dance Foundation
306 Arguello Blvd #202
San Francisco, CA 94118

Please include a clear message in the comments section of the check about what and for whom the dues are intended.

Again, if you are a Working Member, we require a mandatory $500 Strike deposit check. We will not deposit this check unless you do not honor your hosting or Strike shift. If you are submitting your dues via PayPal, please send your Strike deposit check by mail to the above address. If you are submitting your dues via check, please send a separate check for your Strike deposit — do not include the deposit with your dues on the same check.


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