DustyMultiverse BRC VR lineup

8pm: Chris Tower
9:15pm: Syd Gris
10:30pm: Gabriel and Dresden
12:30am: Stage goes dark

8pm: Volkan
9pm: Golden Ratio
11pm: DJ Brian Peek
Midnight: stage goes dark

8pm: Dancing Mandy
9pm: DJ Celeste
10pm: Billy Casazza
11pm: DJ Dan
12:30am: DJ Icon
2am: stage goes dark

Saturday: Day party!
2pm: Just B
3:30pm: Brian Peek
4:30pm: ELiKi
5:30pm: Syd Gris
6:30pm: Brian Williams
7:30pm: DJ Icon
8:30pm: Have a safe "drive" home!



8pm: DJ Ashley Ames
9:30pm: DJ Richard Mixon
10:45pm: Callback Funk