Greg Schwartz

Greg Schwartz

2018 04 21 opulent day on the green

Saturday, April 21st

DAY PARTY on Treasure Island with Opulent Temple

'Opulent Day on the Green'

We're so excited to get to be the first lucky ones to throw a day party on the newly opened lawn on Treasure Island right next to the new Mer Sea Restaurant (699 Ave of the Palms, on TI).
Day Time House Vibes with:
(Thrust Recordings)
Opel / Opulent Temple
(Opulent Temple, San Francisco)
(Opulent Temple)
(Opulent Temple)
:: ELiKi
(Opulent Temple)
The Lawn on Treasure Island
Next to Mer Sea restaurant
699 Avenue of the Palms, SF
Family Friendly
Event highlights:
-We will have amplified sound all day and our O Pod DJ booth serving as mission control.
-You'll get to enjoy the epic views of the Bay and the city in the back ground.
-We've made this event family friendly so please feel free to bring your kids (or not...) There will be plenty of room for them to run around and we're working on some kid activities but obviously parents are responsible to supervise their kids at all times. Kids 15 and under get in free, but of course, are only admitted with a designated sober supervising adult. As mentioned, sound is amplified so bring your kiddie headphones / ear plugs to protect their little ears. (We won't be blasting music but still ...)
-You can bring a blanket, picnic, ice chest, lawn chairs, etc to make your perch comfy but of course no parking on the dance floor!
-The bar is located inside the restaurant area of Mer Sea which includes a great menu, outdoor seating area, and a putting green!
-Mer Sea will also have some meal deals that allow you to buy a bottle of wine or beer and take with you on the grass with your food. Awesome!
-The lawn area ia BYOB. Pack it in, pack it out and leave no trace.
-Like all Opulent Temple events, this is a 100% benefit for our 501c, the Sacred Dance Foundation that produces our sound camp at Burning Man.
-You can pay for a parking spot that puts you right on top of the event site, or walk a moderate distance for free parking. Of course - we encourage you to take public transportation or car pool.
-Vendors welcome so let us know if you want to set up a booth.
-We have an awesome line up bringing day time house music vibes!
Questions? Ask us! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Want to volunteer? Let us know! 
Have ideas for kids activities? Write us! 

2018 03 23 LA Sacred Dance

Friday, March 23rd

Opulent Temple in LA presents: Sacred Dance
in association with the Cruz Coalition

Our 8th Annual Sacred Dance 'White Party' in L.A. Fabulously creative white attire requested, but you knew that :)

Our signature OT event with higher intentions, stunning production value, decor, ritual and performance, where we pull out all the stops, and so do you, to make some co-created magic. We find ways to make this party better and better.

3 rooms of Music taking over the historical Mayan:

2 Special Guests

Knee Deep in Sound, NYC

:: UPERCENT Diynamic / Kompakt, Spain


Opel / Opulent Temple

Camp Charlie

The Cruz Coalition

Dirty Beetles

Opulent Temple, San Francisco

The People’s DJ

Booty Call

The Cruz Coalition

Dirty Beetles

The Cruz Coalition

(Sound meditation / ambient set)

Dance and Performance TBA

A co-created night of magic. Bathed in light, dancing to connect and awaken.

Sacred Dance is a 100% benefit for Opulent Temple's 501c non-profit: the Sacred Dance Foundation.

**We have big plans for Burning Man 2018, but only with your support!

The Mayan
Downtown LA

2018 03 22 Scumfrog Upercent Golden Ratio

Thursday, March 22nd


An Opulent Temple Special Event, for our Road back to the Desert: 'A Nice Pair'
It has to be a special occasion to get us out on a Thursday night and well, this is one of those. 

A sweet pairing of fantastic music from our long time friend and dependable curator of incredible dance floor moments The Scumfrog, joined by the US debut show of Upercent, coming in hot from Spain with recent releases blowing up on Diynamic (Solomun (Official)'s label out of Germany) & Kompact (Germany), and much more. Joined by Opulent Temple residents Golden Ratio to open the night in the Loft at Public Works.

Knee Deep in Sound, NYC

Diynamic / Kompakt, Spain


:: GOLDEN RATIO (Exoendo & Dulce Vita)
(Opulent Temple)


Welcoming back our long time friend and multi talented The Scumfrog, who played some of our earliest OT camps and is now a mainstay at Robot Heart sunrises, Distrikt and has had awesome releases on Knee Deep In Sound, Armada Music, and MUCH more over his extensive career.

Our other special guests is the US debut of Upercent, coming in hot from Spain with recent releases blowing up on Diynamic (Solomun (Official)'s label out of Germany) & Kompakt Records (Germany).


The Scumfrog:

25 years after his first DJ gig, and 10 years since his first successful album, Jesse Houk aka The Scumfrog continues to do exactly what he feels like doing; recording his most personal album to date “In Case We’re All Still Here”. Going back to his roots of psychedelic and deep influences, mixed with a wink at sci-fi and a deep understanding of what makes a solid underground groove, Jesse teams up with Armada Music for a journey into Deep House and Tech House. Beside his widely acclaimed song with Sting “If I Ever Lose My Faith”, the album features collaborations with Static Revenger, Vince Elliott, Vassy, and Christian Burns, while other tracks on the album contain Jesse’s own signature vocals.

Not particularly inspired by the commercial side effects of the recent EDM explosion, The Scumfrog decided to retreat to the underground in 2011 with the release of “A Place Where We Belong” on his Facebook page; a project that spawned singles on prestigious labels like 1605, Floorplay, Inkfish, and Armada. He restricted his live shows strictly to venues that prioritize music and sound before bottle service and bachelorette parties, further reflecting his strong commitment to underground sounds, and to making a connection with people that share his love and vast knowledge of music.
Prior to his renewed alliance with the underground, The Scumfrog was mostly known for his award winning stripped-down remixes of artists like Missy Elliott, New Order, Kylie Minogue, and Annie Lennox, and his collaborations writing/producing techno oriented works with David Bowie and Cyndi Lauper. And now, with his Sting project "If I Ever Lose My Faith," The Scumfrog strongly displays his deep House roots, while still giving mass appeal to the main vocal mix.

As a DJ, The Scumfrog has toured the world many times over, and since 2009 he hosts a weekly radio show/podcast Glam Scum International, showcasing the side of Electronic Dance music that is not for everyone.

Upercent is a unique and very special artist who can’t go unnoticed! Born and raised in Valencia, he’s one of the most natural talents among electronic music producers in Spain with a strong determination to revolutionize the scene by giving his own input, with such a great attention and dedication to details and elements that creates his musical difference.

Thoughtful and emotional, Upercent's sound is organic and analog with a perfect balance between the two. Thanks to his creativity, perfectionism and constant innovation he usually tells stories throughout his music and videos, everything made by him in order to recreate a particular atmosphere by transferring feelings to his audience.

Although his musical launch was in 2013, his evolution has been unstoppable! Up until today he has released on some of the most known underground dance labels such as Diynamic, Culprit, UponYou, Snatch!, This And That, Moda Black and Sincopat to name a few!

He has also done collaborations with and remixes to/from the likes of Pirupa, Eduardo De La Calle, Pablo Bolivar, Los Suruba, AFFKT, youANDme, Rafael Cerato, Sven Tasnadi, David Keno, and Third Son among others. Moreover he has shared the decks with artists such as Josh Wink, James Zabiela, Martin Buttrich, Noir, Oliver Huntemann,
Raxon, Riva Starr, Mark Henning, Oxia, Shall Ocin, Marco Ressman, The Echonomist and Marcus Worgull to name a few.

Upercent is definitely one to keep an eye on, with the implementation of a live set in progress and more musical/visual projects to showcase!


The Loft at Public Works: 161 Erie St. @ Mission

2018 03 09 iOpulent

Friday, March 9th

Opulent Temple presents: I, Opulent
Another step on our road back to the desert in 2018!

This party is also a meet and greet for prospective camp members so if you're curious about camping with us come down and say hi!

An intimate joint to rock it with OT residents:

:: BRIAN WILLIAMS (Opulent Temple)

:: ELiKi (Opulent Temple)

:: GRAMMAR (Opulent Temple)

:: SYD GRIS (Opel / Opulent Temple)


Only $10 pre-sale!


101 6th St @ Mission


Saturday, March 25th
Opulent Temple's Sacred Dance 'White Party' with Crystal Method

The Belasco Theatre in L.A. (See Map)
9:00PM - 4:00AM

Opulent Temple
Wonka in Wonderland

Featuring the timely return of dance music pioneers and legends, the Crystal Method, who played our very first LA Sacred Dance. "A movement is accomplished in 6 stages, and the 7th brings return." the I Ching

It's our signature OT event with ramped up production value, decor, and eclectic dance performance, where we pull out all the stops, and so do you, to make some co-created magic. 3 rooms of Music taking over the entire Belasco.


Saturday, February 18
Opulent Temple presents: Wonka in Wonderland

Metropolist, Seattle, WA (See Map)
9:00PM - 3:00AM

Opulent Temple
Wonka in Wonderland

In Chapter 5, things take a strange turn, as slightly crazy and likely dangerous orange men have invaded Wonderland. We're not sure if this is a twisted band of oompa loompas or a more sinister turn but at least we know they'll be candy.

A costume party for music, community and mischief. Quality beats, tea parties, revelry and hopefully a little trouble!


Jun 09

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