In the desert, all is possible…

Members of Opel have playa aspiratons which continue to evolve, and this page will serve as the entry way to all things happening in 2K4…

YOU are invited to join us, as we create a camp that will be in line with our mission and our values. In simple terms, that’s creating a shared vision with friends where the priority is fun, building connections and community, and dancing our asses off with the best of ’em.
(Please see info on our first fundraiser of the season in the Events section.)
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In 2004, members of Opel will be once again organizing The Opulent Temple, with a goal to bring sacred dance under the vault of heaven. Featuring all shades of quality progressive music, the design will be elegant but simple, inviting people to come dance and chill, to enjoy art, music and each other.
The camp will feature state of the art sound, a custom built DJ booth, multiple art pieces, lighting, and a big lush chill dome. We will be hosting world class talent Wednesday through Saturday night, and will be quiet during the day so camp members can cool their jets after a long night out. We hope to be on the 2:00 side of the playa, and are open to interested friendly burners to help us realize our vision, with room to include your own as well!
This group that will create this camp will be a new creation, and getting involved with us early allows you to help build it from the ground up and create it as you see fit. We will be going up as a tribe. That means that each member has a unique contribution to make, and everyone will be expected to participate in an area that they can help the over all tribe function.
Requirements are to be friendly, responsible, and to be prepared to make a contribution to the working of the camp. There will be a number of different projects to get involved in. Including but not limited to: building the custom made DJ booth, building and creating other art centerpieces of the dance area, fundraising, camp infrastructure needs such as kitchen, showers, shade, gas, etc.
We’ll be putting a quality group of people together to make something very special happen, don’t hesitate to make contact to learn more and get in the loop of info!

Our first planning meeting will be March 1st, 7pm. Please contact Syd for details.


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