Open Up the Psyche : 2005

Open up the Psyche, and what will you find?
You will find the Opulent Temple, dusting itself off and greeting the New Year with glee and purpose.

The Opulent Temple of Venus plans to rise again in Black Rock City.
And you’re invited! We are accepting new members to help us create our vision of sonic dreams realized, of beauty set to beats, of tribal bonding over shared projects, of sacred dance and tomfoolery, of kicking ass and taking names.
The Opulent Temple is a large scale sound installation featuring world class cutting edge break beat, progressive, and a little trance, on big sound with of course lots of goodies and extras. In 2003 we were the Opulent Temple of Kaos, located at 10:00 and Creed. Our guest DJ’s included Sandra Collins, Tipper, Josh Gabriel, Lorin, and much more. In 2004 as the Opulent Temple of Venus, located at 2:00 and Venus, we hosted Hybrid, D:Fuse, Scumfrog, and many others.
For 2005 we are already taking names to top our line ups of world class talent in the desert, and designing a sweeter spot for you to reach peak experience on the dance floor. You can help make us make it happen by joining up. All friendly, down to earth, self sufficient and drama free individuals who are willing to make a contribution to the tribe are welcome to come check us out. Write Syd for more information on our next meeting and anything else you’d like to know….
***Please note – The Opulent Temple is NOT Opel’s camp at Burning Man. The Opulent Temple was founded and is led by Opel founder Syd Gris, and so this site serves as a conduit of information until we have our own independent website. Just so you know…***


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