Opulent Temple presents Rites of Massive on Treasure Island 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

9:00PM – 4:00AM

Hangar 3 – Treasure Island

600 California Ave, San Francisco CA 94130


Please join us this summer at a next level event. Opulent Temple, along with Distrikt, Symbiosis, Paradise Motel and more to come, host an eclectic spectacle to support a number of camps, artists, art cars, and performers to co-create an unforgettable night, and take a step towards the desert in 2011. We’re bringing together the far edges of the underground in a concert level production. Boom, Womp, Sizzle and Shake.

We brought together some of the brightest stars in their music world, with DJ Dan bringing the house, Christopher Lawrence trance, and Elite Force the breaks and tech funk. We’re going all out, we so hope to see you there co-creating that special vibe that is Opulent Temple.

If you joined us on Treasure Island in 2009 with Carl Cox, the Serpent Mother, Homoborous, and a bouquet of beautiful people, you have an idea. We’ve been waiting for the right elements to align to do it right, so here we go…


Yes !
-plenty of bathrooms
-plenty of bars
-coat check
-playa friendly vendors
-free shuttle from San Francisco, deets tba
-on site event parking – please carpool!
-places to sit
-outdoor area
-Pride friendly vibes
-Hi Rock Security
Event Transportation Plan:

FREE Provided Shuttle Transportation:
Opulent Temple has contracted to provide free shuttle buses from San Francisco to Treasure Island between the hours of 9:30 pm and 4:30 am. These buses will run in 40 minute intervals, and are each capable of carrying up to 40 people.

Pickup points have been designated ::

Due to street closures we are moving the Free Shuttle Pick up location to the bus stop on 8th Street at Market. First shuttle will arrive at 8:30 PM and will leave as soon as the bus is full. We have 2 buses running in rotation so the wait shouldn’t be too long but if you find yourself waiting for the shuttle longer than you want to be, we suggest sharing a cab with other party people in the same boat as you.

Shuttles will be running throughout the night until 4:30 AM to take you back into the city.
Public transit (MUNI Bus 108) and Car pooling are other great ways to get the the party.

** SAN FRANCISCO : bus stop on 8th Street at Market If you find yourself waiting for the shuttle longer than you want to be, we suggest sharing a cab with other party people in the same boat as you.

Public Transit/Taxi Services:
The location is conveniently located adjacent to the 108 MUNI bus line, which runs every 45 minutes, 24 hours per day, and goes directly to the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco. In addition to this, we are designating the shuttle service pickup locations as taxi cab pickup stops, and have alerted local taxi cab companies of this plan.

Available Event Parking:
The Treasure Island event facility has ample parking capacity for over 600 vehicles. This area will be supervised by an organized team of event volunteers and security staff throughout the evening. As well, we are actively encouraging our event attendants to carpool to the event. Spots are first come first parked, early arrival recommended if you need to drive. Please don’t drive alone!

DIRECTIONS: DRIVE CAREFUL! Both exits onto TI are a little perilous and should be taken slow. Either direction from the bridge onto Treasure Island – head to the north side of the Island (the “Treasure” not “Yerba Buena” Island) – There’s one road of entry that winds around and lands down at a previously manned security gate with stop sign. Head through the gate and take the first right hand turn onto California Ave. Follow it down and you’ll see our parking attendants there to help you get set. Don’t forget your ID.
Much more coming, stay tuned !

Opulent Temple’s First Sacred Dance ‘White Party’ in LA 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

9:00PM – 2:00AM

Lot 613

613 Imperial St, Lo Angeles, 90021


Opulent Temple in Association with Pantheon & Cruz Coalition presents Sacred Dance

-A transplant of our annual ‘White Party’ we do on playa every year in L.A. for the first time.

After a sold out event in San Francisco in March, we’re bringing this unique party and vibe to L.A. as a 100% benefit for our 2011 BM aspirations.
We’ll put together a gem of a production inside Lot 613. We’ll adorn the place in white and ask you to do the same to yourself just as we do every Wednesday night at Burning Man…

THE CRYSTAL METHOD (thecrystalmethod.com / LA)
&  as if it wasn’t enough we have tech funk titan:

MEAT KATIE (Lot 49 / meatkatie.com, UK)

$18 discount pre-sales almost sold out. You can still get pre-sale for $25 which is the same as the door price, but guarantees entrance for a party on pace to sell out. -OR- Get in before 10:30pm and pay only $20 at the door. Regardless, early arrival recommended. See you tonight in white : )

White Attire Requested

Come Early ! Adjust your clubbing clock accordingly, you don’t want to miss a beat! Early is the new late.



AD 2013


– Bellydancing by Olu (http://olu.jimdo.com)
– Sufi dancing by Namah (www.namah.net)
– Midnight Ceremony
– Cirque Style Ambient Performers
– Visuals by Eye Vapor
– Art Installations
– Photo Gallery
– Sound by James Garcia and Audio Video Events
– Outside Patio w Vendors and Artists
– Full Bars
– Coat Check

Opulent Temple’s 2nd Annual Sacred Dance ‘White Party’ in SF 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

9:00PM – Late

The Bently Reserve

301 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111


A transplant of our annual ‘White Party’ we do on playa every year in SF for a 2nd annual special event

Last year the Bently Reserve Sacred Dance ‘White Party’ was one of our best and most beautiful events ever. We’re very excited to bring it back and elevate what we did last year to try and get back to the desert in 2011. This journey is never a foregone conclusion and one we don’t take for granted. It only happens with the on going support of the community.

So not to be confused with the Sacred Dust party we did in November as a deep underground party, this one is a more regal form of opulence.
We’ve put together another gem of a production inside the majestic and beautiful Bentley Reserve. We’ll adorn the place in white and ask you to do the same to yourself just as we have done every Wednesday night on playa since our inception in 2003.

Discount pre-sales are no longer selling on line. The party is * NOT * sold out, we do this to avoid having the Will Call line be too long. There’s plenty of tickets available at the door for $30, which is only $1.58 more than pre-sale (w the service charges) so call it a wash.
If you’re paying cash at the door you will get in, we do recommend you arrive by 11:00pm to ensure, we are on pace to reach capacity at some point in the night. Please note we will lose an hour of the party tonight due to Day Light Savings. But our doors are at 9pm. Early arrival recommended. (So party is still technically until 4am, but really it will feel like 3am because of the clocks moving.)
Going to be an amazing night !


Syd Gris
Billy Casazza
Dex Stakker
Jamie Lin
Brian Peek
Zach Moore
Matt Kramer
Anthony James
Alain Octavo
Bill Samuels
Durojaiye Versitile

– Artists ::Josh Espinosa(Kemic)-airbrush, Corey Divine -live painting
– Mystic Sufi Dancers
– Midnight Ceremony
– Play Area by the Dancestronauts
– Cirque Style Ambient Performers
– Visuals by Kai and Visuals by Viberation
– Lazers by UV99
– Art Installations
– Photo Gallery
– Surround Sound from JK
– Outside terrace
– Full Bar
– An Amazingly Organized Coat Check ; )

Opulent Temple & Opel join the Sea of Dreams NYE 2011 extravaganza

Friday, December 31, 2010

9:00PM – 4:30AM

Concourse Exhibition Center

635 8th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

18+ to enter, 21+ to drink

Opulent Temple & Opel join the Sea of Dreams NYE extravaganza

Opulent Temple & Opel Productions spends the biggest party night of the year with Sea of Dreams. Generally the OT sits out NYE and leaves it to it’s SF based sister community Opel to carry the party torch that night, but this year we’re teaming up to produce a room together at one of the premiere NYE parties of the country: Anon Salon’s Sea of Dreams : GalaxSea. In association with Sunset Productions & An-ten-ae.

Our ‘Tech Funk Dream Zone’ will feature friends and heavy hitters Elite Force (U & A Recordings, UK) and Meat Katie (lot 49, UK). Joined by local heroes Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple), Motion Potion (Sunset), Dex Stakker (Opel / Opulent Temple), and Drew Drop (Opulent Temple).

The headliners for Sea of Dreams include Thievery Corporation + the eclectic likes of Balkan Beatbox, Modeselektor, Lucent Dossier Experience, Beats Antique, Govinda, Gaudi, Low Riderz, Feral, Dgiin, An-ten-ae, and much more tba.

It’s a massive, sensory rich, carnival of color, with something for everyone going all night at the Concourse Exhibition Center.


Opulent Temple presents Sacred Dust 2010

Saturday November 20, 2010

10:00PM – 5:00AM

Address TBA – Underground location


Our Annual ‘Sacred Dust’ party
…This one’s not a debt relief party, thanks to you we’re in the clear from 2010. This ones for 2011. That’s right, this one goes to 11…

-Live Aerobatics performances
-Live Performance’s by Shiva Inferno
-Space Age fun from the Dancetronauts
-Lasers by Laser Brain
-VJ’s Infinite, Kai
-Lighting Vineyard Media
-Big Opulent Sound
-Art Installations
-Chill out white room with Hookah’s


Opulent Temple at Decompression 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

12:00PM – 2:00AM

DAY @ Indiana Street,  corner of the park

NIGHT @ The Mighty 119 Utah Street SF, CA


Opulent Temple at Decompression – Day and Night!
The OT took last year off Decom so we’ll be back with full mojo to heat the street with you like never before.

We’re all heart, as we team up with the Robot Heart crew, the Heart Deco bus, and the Dancestronauts. Big sound, musical variety, lots of production goodies in store for you for the day portion.

And, as you know by now, we’re not done with you yet, as we Recompress into the night w OT and friends around the corner at Mighty for an Opulent Temple post playa fundraiser that is always extra fun as we hit the ground running from the day and take into the night.


DAY 12:00PM-10:00PM

12:00 – Sebastian Lange (Heart Deco)
1:00 – Sunny Mission (Robot Heart)
2:00 – Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)
3:00 – Jive (Heart Deco)
3:45 – Bianca Dino (Robot Heart)
4:30 – Syd Gris (Opulent Temple)
5:15 – Seva (Heart Deco)
6:00 – Drew Drop v Billy Seal (Opulent Temple)
7:00 – Robb Green (Robot Heart)
7:45 – Jen Woolfe (Heart Deco)
8:30 – Tek Freaks (Opulent Temple)
9:15 – Vitamin Devo (Robot Heart)

NIGHT: 9:00PM-2:00AM

9:00 Brian Peek (Opulent Temple)
10:30 Zach Moore (Space Cowboys)
11:15 Kramer (Distrikt)
12:00 Dutch (Opulent Temple)
12:45 Icon (Opulent Temple)

10:30 ELiKi (Frisco Fidget)
11:15 DJ Brian Williams (Opulent Temple)
12:00 Jive (Heart Deco)
12:45 Dex Stakker (Opulent Temple)

Thank You from Opulent Temple for 2010!

We can put up our creations and play music, but it’s an empty shell without you there to fill it. We were stoked on our nights, our vibe, our musical offering, and even our new address this year. THANK YOU for making year 8 as great if not better than most any other.
We appreciate you and we love this community. You inspire us to carry on and keep the effort of our offering rolling along in to the future.
Stay tuned for recordings made available from this year’s burn. And if you were stoked on your experience at OT and want to chip in on our debt relief, PLEASE DO (see donation widget in sidebar)

Check out this great short from Elite Force of his set Saturday night at OT. See you at Decom!

Thoughts on the 2010 line up

Hello Burners! So here we are going into year 8 in a row. Most large scale sound camps in the history of Burning Man have been sane enough to stop by now. Why do we keep doing it? That’s a complicated answer. Mostly, of course, it’s because we believe in the power and beauty of the community that becomes so tangible on the dance floor when it all comes together at Opulent Temple. Our own biases aside, it is special, and we can only assume you feel it too because we have had consistently amazing nights out there that don’t necessarily have anything to do with who is playing. (Though we do our best to make sure that’s always solid too.) As mentioned in the schedule intro, we think of dance as the expression of the soul through movement. Everyone has their own little signature form of movement that expresses what is inside them. Watching people share their expression with each other is golden. In the post modern world we don’t have enough opportunity to express our soul in community. In the shared movement to the universal response to a drum beat. It’s sacred dance, it’s church, it’s an invitation to touch a part of one’s inner world. We know that sounds a little too serious for some who just want to get funky. We have plenty of funk to our attitude as well, we just prefer it with a dash of consciousness. We did not even try to top last year’s line up. We weren’t even sure we were going out this year (some of us wanted to take a break, others did not). We started with our friends and returners who wanted to see us there and wanted to be a part of it. We have a policy that if you’ve played for us once, you need to play an OT benefit if you want to play for us again. So many of them (such as DJ Dan, Scumfrog, Donald Glaude, Elite Force, Dylan Rhymes, Ali B, JonH, etc) said yes there wasn’t much room to go after a lot of new blood. Since our camp has a ‘work to play’ ethos for the residents as well, we have a lot of camp dj’s who help build it and take it down to earn their right to play. Most of the names you might not recognize on the schedule are OT camp members or supporters who helped us get here in some way. So in that sense we’ve really kept it in the family this year, and that’s fine with us. There is already way too much redundancy among big camps with the same dj’s playing on different nights. In our case they’ve at least all earned a slot by participating in our effort. We said no to a lot of other major players this year because we’d rather take care of those helping take care of us. We are glad to add some kick ass drum n bass (Aphrodite), and Global Underground legend Seb Fontaine. You still won’t see a lot of dubstep at OT. We’ve seen that’s well represented at BM as is. (Though some of our residents will certainly drop some throughout the week). We’ve linked most names on the schedule so you can see who they are and where they came from. We have no rich backers who pay for our costs (this year at a relatively low $40k). We are entirely dependent on our fund raising parties and to a lesser extent camp members dues. To that end we did parties all over the place this year to make it happen including London, NYC, L.A., Portland, Boise, Tahoe, and Reno. We also did like 8 events in S.F. It’s a lot to generate and keep going on top of the camp production itself. We know you know camps like ours don’t get financial support from BM, but that’s old news by now. Point is – Thank you SO MUCH if you’ve come to one of our parties in one of these places. We couldn’t do it without you! We’re looking forward to our new view at 2:00 and B just to switch it up and see how it plays being off the corner for the first time in 5 years ! We hope to see you in the sweet spot, under the stars, and are always appreciative of your support and presence.

Opulent Supper: A Special Dinner Event with the OT

Thursday, August 1, 2010

9:00PM – 4:00AM


657 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107


Join Opulent Temple and Supperclub for an intimate evening of great food, music and company as we dine in opulence to smooth tastes and sweet tunes. The entire restaurant for the night will be given to the OT to dine with friends and supporters as every dinner’s proceeds will be donated to our 2010 project. A nice departure from the clubs and the undergrounds. OT DJ’s plus Supperclub’s signature unique dining experience with performances and characters throughout the night.

** We do expect to sell out on this special occasion so make reservations!

After dinner we dance! If you don’t want to join us for dinner please join us for the party afterwards.



Drew Drop

Jamie Lin

Brian Peek

Michael Anthony

Opulent SF Underground: The 6th Seal

Friday, August 6, 2010

11:00PM – 5:00AM+

Same SOMA spot


We’re back in the UG w a twist. Same SOMA spot, intimate vibe, phat sound, all night action if you know what we’re saying. Open party, only a $10 cover, but to prevent over crowding and preserve vibe you do need a pre-sale to get the address and get in.


Dutch (Opulent Temple)
Kramer (Distrikt / The Deep End)
Billy Casazza (Opulent Temple)
Billy Seal (Opulent Temple)
Brian Williams (Opulent Temple)
Sean Infinitee (Opulent Temple)


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