Brian Williams

Brian Williams

Musical Styles: Big Bass, Electro House, Tech House Funk

If you don’t like to dance! Don’t be a DJ!

Music is his cure! Ever since DJ Brian Williams could remember he has had a deep passion for music. Growing up, he enjoyed all types of music from rock to hip hop and everything in between. In his early twenty’s he was introduced to house music and instantly felt a deep connection. He had always enjoyed dancing but house music took it to a whole other level. He soon realized the only scene for him was a room filled with people dancing to his energetic beats. His stompy beats packed the house. It has been over 16 years since he started his musical journey. DJ Brian Williams has played at a variety of venues from Miami Winter Conference to LA. He has been a part of Opulent Temple for the last 6 years out of San Francisco, playing Love Fest for four years in a row, Burning Man, 1015 and End up. He has been a large part of bring house music to the Central Valley and playing for Pure 209. He has had many opportunities to open for DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, DJ Bam Bam and Charles Feel Good and Josh the Funky One to name a few. He has joined forces with Mephisto Oddyssey of Groove Quest records and now Boom Rock Saints. He continues to remix several tracks for viewing on BeatPort under Boom Rock Saints. DJ Brian Williams brings a positive and humble attitude to this political and competitive industry. Not only does he enjoy searching for music and creating projects that will make people not only dance but, reach the depth of their souls. He is always trying to reinvent himself and push out new ear catching sounds. Music is his cure in this crazy world and the only time he truly feels alive! At each passing year he feels more confident than ever and wants to create and play music for all of you!


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