Deep Thanks from the OT ’08

Another year, another epic week in the desert. We want to thank everyone that helped us get out to BRC, against tall odds. We hope you enjoyed our offering! From the many camp members who worked so hard, to all the many people that donated amounts small and large, to the DJ’s that donated their time at our fundraisers, to all the people that came out and danced with the flames, the lazers, and the beautiful beats. We thank you!! Please keep up to date with our parties throughout the year. Check back here for recordings of the 2008 year available as a gift to donators. Check MV GALSfor tons of pics of the Opulent Temple and other Burning Man goodies. See you on the dance floor…

this pic appeared on the front page of the SF Chronicle the Thursday we were all at BM Some moments: It has never been just about the music and the party to us. We showed a snippet of Obama’s acceptance speech on Saturday night, just 2 days after he had given it. (Special thanks to the Stop Time crew for helping get this clip):

Friday night with Carl Cox was madness of the kind we support. A nice 360 view:

Another view from another night:

Sparkly sparkly:

Carl is not a Virgin:


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