Hosting Shifts

You’re like a lifeguard, paying attention, and treating the dance area and camp like you would if you were hosting a party at your house, discouraging unsafe behavior. Supervision requires responsibility, which equals a certain level of sobriety. But having fun IS encouraged – after all, you are the host of the party and get a front row seat to the best show on the playa 🙂

Signup for a hosting shift

Opulent Temple Hosting Shifts are for the most part CAMP MEMBERS ONLY > Hosting sign up is first come first served. While a HOSTING shift is required of our Working Camp Members only, it is viewed as VERY VERY cool for a Non-Working Supporting Member to still be involved with a Hosting Shift Commitment.

Some guidelines about HOSTING SIGN UP PROCESS:

  • Be SURE you want the shift you sign up, for since later changes require manual processing
  • Try not sign up for your friends unless absolutely necessary
  • IF signing up for a group of friends, be sure to input each person’s full info (EMAIL) and ensure that hosting policies are well known. Consider yourself responsible to confirm/remind the shift time with them!
  • Consider stepping up during prime time since it helps us keep the dance floor safe and allows more people coverage to respond to emergencies when they are most likely to happen. Stepping up for the prime time shifts is a good way to pitch a hand for the camp as it helps us maintain safety and keep the vibe positive at our dance floor
  • Though you should obviously be prepared to be there your whole shift, based on conditions there are times when we cut you loose for an hour to come back and switch with someone else to take a break. The last shift of the night usually has some people cut loose early.
  • Stand-by for upcoming limited roles to help out in the kitchen at Opulent Temple

HOSTING SHIFT CAPTAIN – an opportunity for leadership

If you are a RETURNING CAMP MEMBER and have had experience with a hosting shift at OT @ Burning Man before with interest in a temporary leadership role, please email if you would like to instead volunteer as a HOSTING SHIFT CAPTAIN which is a point person who patrols all the Hosting Shift stations and is the eyes and ears of all issues regarding vibe and safety.


Hosting means you will report to a HOSTING SHIFT CAPTAIN who will assign a designated area that is your post to guard, usually for the purpose to ensure safety for all, for example:


  • attending the camp meeting on your hosting day to check in
  • report for your shift ON TIME or early – report to your ‘Hosting Shift Captain’ next to the backstage gate (campside)
  • Remaining generally sober enough to respond on your toes to any emergency, including reporting medical emergencies and speaking to emergency staff !!!


Arrivine on time or prior to the start of your designated shift, meet your HOSTING SHIFT CAPTAIN backstage at the gate closest to the camp entrance to receive your assigned station or task

Sticking to an assigned area to make sure:

  • that the back stage entries are secure for camp members only
  • that people aren’t laying their bikes in the middle of the dance area
  • that people aren’t climbing our visual towers or fire poofers
  • that people aren’t behaving unsafely on our star stage
  • that random people aren’t trying to enter the O-pod (performers only)
  • that no one is climbing the O-pod in anyway unless for camp maintenence
  • that safety signs are lit up and not wind blown
  • that things like cords and shit are secure so people aren’t tripping over them
  • of course, picking up moop each morning (and inviting others to help)
  • Opening shift: turn everything on
  • Closing shift: turn everything off

    • PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING > viewing these shifts as a privilege, rather than an obligation, will help make the volunteer experience much more meaningful for you – instead of aiming for the slot that seems ‘easy’ try and sign up for where we need you most
    • we need the MOST help in the middle shift and towards end of week!!
    • some people choose to host during their favorite OT DJs performing since you know you will want to be at Opulent Temple on that night and will not feel tied to the camp during a time when you would prefer to roam
    • select a time where you can commit to maintain a level of sobriety to guard your post to re-act quickly to emergencies
    • if important to you, coordinate amongst your friends to be hosting on the same night (requests will be accommodated only as they are possible)
    • if caffeine is needed to keep energy level up, remember that hot coffee and espresso drinks are sold at center camp 24/7, when in doubt – ask your HOSTING SHIFT CAPTAIN

    Each person must sign up them self and understand the guidelines. Quantity 1 slot PER email entry. If you MUST sign up for others, please check with them before committing anyone to a specific day and time AND input the email address and contact info of anyone you sign up for. Changes to sign-ups must be made manually so please choose carefully, thank you.


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