Meal Plans

We are pleased to be working with the Dubgypsy Kitchen again this year who is offering a meal plan for a hearty and healthy brunch and dinner every day. Vegetarian options available. Info on the menu and payment options (you pay Dubgypsy Kitchen directly) are forthcoming. They deliver meals to OT. We’ve had great experience with them but understand they are an outside vendor. We will also have our usual simple kitchen set up for people to cook their own meals in our camp kitchen. You obviously bring your own food but can use our basic infrastructure (microwave, stove top, pans, etc).


If you have special food allergies or questions about your situation please contact Chef Brian directly. Please know Dub Gypsy Kitchen is essentially a friend of the camp and we have a great track record, but this is not a meal plan provided by Opulent Temple. He is operating as a third-party vendor at the camp so your financial transactions are with him directly, and your expectations around your transaction are to be dealt with him directly. However, if an issue arrises, we would be happy to address it and facilitate resolution.

Let us know if you have other questions. We can say from experience, not worrying about meals at Burning Man is awesome. The down side is making sure you’re at the camp when meals are served, but certainly your friends can make a plate for you and stash for you in your cooler or RV fridge with proper communication with the kitchen staff.


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