Musical Styles: Techno and Progressive.

To free you from the self using that split second on the dance floor when you forget you are a person and you become one with the sound waves” and rest assured his thumping progressive and techno style come through and accomplish just that.

Drawing influence from travels around the world, Asia to Africa, Europe and South America, JB Vries’ motivations have always been based in rhythm and melody. Growing up in the Midwest United States he knew early on his life’s direction would be a musical one and with this in mind he took his show on the road. While studying Audio Engineering in Florida, he began learning the art mixing in the studio as well as a DJ in the Orlando nightclub and underground dance scene.

Producing a variety of dance genres, all with a driving and psychedelic undertone, JB has his sights set on bringing his flavor of progressive dance music to festivals and nightclubs the world over. Today, JB lives in San Francisco where he continues to perform, produce, and progress. Connect with JB and jump on his mailing list for free downloads and DJ sets direct to your mailbox.


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