Opulent Temple Burning Man 2009

Burning Man 2009

Evolution: A Tangled Bank

Black Rock City, NV

2:00 & ‘B’ (Biology)

Welcome to the 7th evolution of Opulent Temple. We’re happy to be back with you. We build this space for sacred dance to world class music. We invite you to utilize this creation as a context for inner search as well as community bonding. For ridiculous fun, new friendships and celebration to the shared beat of a universal vibe. We hope you touch the part of you that feels no fear and knows no death.

Camps like ours aren’t allowed to apply for grants and so are entirely self funded by the community and the camp members. We could use your help if you want to pitch in by donating (see donation widget in sidebar). Every dollar counts (and we’ll send you live recordings from past years as a thank you.)

We can’t wait to see you under the stars, bathed in fire light.


Monday Night 9/1: Welcome to Opulent City
08:45 Opening Ceremony
09:00 Brother Hill
9:45 Drew Drop
10:30 Dex Stakker & Dragn’fly
11:15 Cosmic Selector
12:00 Jeff Taisch
12:45 .Vinkalmann
01:45 Dutch
02:30 Ghost Wolf
03:30 .Atum


Tuesday Night: Opulent Involution
Wednesday Night: Sacred Dance Our Annual White Party – White Attire requested
Thursday Day: Opulent Day Funk
Thursday Night: The End Point of Evolution is Trancendence
Friday Day: Opulent Day House
Phoenix Bar is Open – bring a cup!
  • 01:00 DJ Infinitee
  • 02:00 Paul Hemming
  • 03:00 Jeff Taisch
  • 04:00 Laird
  • 05:00 Zach Moore
  • 06:00 Kramer
  • (7:00)
Friday Night: Survival of the Grooviest
08:00 Nick McAllister
09:30 Jamie Lin
10:30 Drew Drop
11:45 DJ Dan
01:00 Carl Cox
03:00 Christopher Lawrence
04:30 Dutch
05:45 Dex Stakker
07:00 DJ Hil
Saturday Day: Opulent Sun Beats
Phoenix Bar is Open – bring a cup!
Saturday Night: Propel Evolution through Effort
10:30 Dylan Rhymes
12:30 Elite Force vs. Meat Katie
03:00 Cosmic Selector
04:15 Dopamine
05:30 Syd Gris
07:00 Opulent Tag


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