Opulent Temple Burning Man 2010

Burning Man 2010

Metropolis: The Life Of Cities

Black Rock City, NV

2:00 & ‘B’ (Baghdad)

Welcome to the 8th incarnation of Opulent Temple. We have a new address this year at 2:00 & Baghdad. We create the space for sacred dance to world class music. We continue to output the intense effort it takes to do OT because we believe in the beauty and power of shared community in music and dance. Dance is the expression of the soul through movement. We invite you to express your soul amongst others bathed in big beats and fire light. We’re not all about the party. We hope you touch the part of you that inspires action and evolution in your life and sphere of influence. We aspire to open hearts and clear minds supported and surrounded by friendly freaks.

We hope you know camps like ours are entirely supported by the community and the camp members. We could use your help if you want to pitch in by donating (see donation widget in sidebar). Every dollar counts (and we’ll send you live recordings from past years as a thank you.)

See you on the dancefloor !


Monday Night 8/30: Welcome to Opulent City
08:45 Opening Ceremony
09:00 Brian Peek
9:45 JD Mack
10:30 Dulce Vita
11:15 Atmatik
12:00 Syd Gris
12:45 Dex Stakker
01:30 Dutch
02:45 Jeff Taisch
03:30 Cosmic Selector
Tuesday Night: Bassopolis
08:00 DJ U Love
08:45 Michael Anthony
09:45 Derek Hena
10:30 Motion Potion
11:30 Jon H of Fort Knox 5
12:45 Miyagi
01:45 Aphrodite
03:00 Cosmic Selector
03:45 Jeff Taisch
04:30 Billy Casazza
05:45 Billy Seal
07:00 Montsde
Wednesday Night: Sacred Dance Our Annual White Party – White Attire requested
07:45 SEVA
08:45 Mike Butler
09:45 Distraction
10:45 Seb Fontaine
12:00 The Scumfrog
01:15 Donald Glaude
02:30 Drew Drop
03:45  Billy Casazza
05:00 Ghost Wolf
06:00 Jonboy
07:00 Brett Rubin
Thursday Night: Groove Foundation
08:00 Whiskey Devil
09:15 Ben Seagren
10:15 Dex Stakker
11:00 J-Sin & DJ Mattus
12:00 Nick Thayer
01:00 Ali B
02:15 Dulce Vita
03:15 Kramer & Tamo
04:15 DJ ICON
05:15 Jamie Lin
06:15 DJ Hil
07:15 Wolfie
Friday Night: Urban Utopia
08:00 Sean Infinitee
08:45 JD Mack
09:30 Brian Williams
10:30 Billy Seal
11:45 DJ Dan
01:00 Syd Gris
02:30 Bunny (of Rabbit in the Moon)
03:30 Dutch
04:45 Hoj
05:45 J’Sin & DJ Mattus
06:45 REDA
07:30 Treavor Moontribe
Saturday Night: Burn this Metropolis
10:30 Brian Peek
11:45 Dylan Rhymes
01:00 Elite Force
02:15 Dex Stakker
03:15 Tek Freaks
04:30 Atimatik
05:30 Dulce Vita
06:15 Drew Drop


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