Opulent Temple Burning Man 2014


Burning Man 2014


Black Rock City,  NV

10:00 & Esplanade

Opulent Temple is pleased to come back after a well deserved break last year for our 11th offering of sacred dance to world class music. We worked really hard all year long to re-vamp our look with a new DJ booth, 3D visual screens and more touches we know you’ll enjoy. It’s large scale joy creation, though not just for joy’s sake, but also to connect and awaken, and to bring those lessons and moments back to the world to be a force for good. The world needs our engagement amidst it’s chaos and turbulence.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of us and our events so that we can be here to do what we do. As we know you know, it’s a community effort, solely supported by you and us. See you under the stars and the fire!


Sunday 8/24 : The New Monday
09:00 Opening Ceremony: Syd Gris & Exoendo
09:45 Sliced Bread
10:45 ELiKi
11:30 Don Gentry
12:15 JB
1:00 Grammar
01:45 Billy Casazza
Monday Night: The Show Must Go On
09:00 Glitzy
10:00 Drew Drop
11:00 Brother Hill
12:00 Lee Coombs
01:00 Cosmic Selector
2:00 TMI
03:00  Disfunktion
Tuesday Night: Soul > Ego
08:00 Mystr Hatchet
08:30 DJ Clarkie & DJ Alvaro Bravo
09:30 DJMK
10:00 Nugz
10:30 DJ Dane
11:00 Ben Seagren
12:00 DJ Dan
01:00 Ken Jordan of the Crystal Method
02:15 DJ Brian Williams
03:15 Kramer vs. Kramer
04:15 Vitamin Devo
05:15 Dave Seaman (Special Sunrise Set)
Wednesday Night: Sacred Dance, Our Annual White Party
White Attire requested
08:00 Boris Levit
09:00 Diggs
10:00 The Dancetronauts feat. PhilthyPhil & TravNasty
11:00 Syd Gris
12:00 Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation (DJ set)
01:30 Infected Mushroom (Live PA)
03:00 Christopher Lawrence
04:00 Vulcan
05:00 Artimus Prime
06:00 Dulce Vita & Exoendo
Thursday Night: Mega Spectacle
08:00 Mike Butler
09:00 Tuff Break
10:00 Distraction
11:00 Billy Seal
12:00 Skrillex
01:15 Diplo
02:45 Drew Drop
03:45 Dulce Vita
04:45 Jonboy
05:45 Jocelyn
Friday Night: Heart Pathways
08:00 Radiohiro
09:00 Popof
10:00 ELiKi
11:00 Bushwhacka
12:00 Carl Cox
02:00 Billy Casazza
03:00 Vinkalmann
04:15 Brian Peek
05:30 Peter Blick
Saturday Night: Cleansed in Fire
10:00 JB
12:00 Grammar
01:00 Funkagenda
02:15 Lee Coombs
03:30 Mike Butler
04:30 Ian Powers
05:30 Loomer


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