Opulent Temple of Venus : 2004

Camp Vision and Main Dance Area Schedule

The Opulent Temple of Venus
a Space for Sacred Dance under the Vault of Heaven

@ 2:00 between Mercury and of course…..Venus

Welcome to the Temple. So many fine things await you, by day and by night,
the gifts of the desert will be plentiful, and we look forward to sharing
and creating many outstanding moments. Moments to be cherished and danced
with, to be celebrated and caressed. It’s all one moment, one taste.

By night, the mission to provide a space for sacred dance, a sanctuary of
progressive music to stir the soul, move the feet, clear the mind and open
the heart. Dance can key into the pulse of the Divine, and hanging out on
that pulse is the essence of what life is about. Touching Spirit, so that
consciousness infused with Spirit inspires action in the world. Action
toward the betterment of our precarious situation, the danger of material
addiction and dwindling resources, our society hanging on to paper Gods and
empty promises. The acquisition of stuff meant to provide some kind of
cosmic security leaves one lacking. What fills the Void is community and
love, a relationship with Spirit and a knowing celebration of awareness.
Plus, your bad ass funky self– incarnate. We know you’re in there, waiting
for the opportunity to show up. And we’ll be there with you,
laughing and spinning under the Vault of Heaven…

The camp features big sound, 8 columns of light reaching for the sky, a fire
arch to greet you into the Temple, 2 stages with screens for both visuals, live
feeds, and shadow dancing, raised platform seating to cool your jets outside,
plus fire pits to warm your bones and of course, a bar! Off the dance floor
you’ll find a truly Opulent ’32 foot enclosed chill space with downtempo and
ambient sounds. The Opulent Temple dance area will feature nightly music from
world class and community DJ’s, ceremony 4 of 5 nights, and midnight performances.
Click here to see our schedule.

By day, the Temple of Venus opens to serve the Goddesses of the playa in a
variety of ways. For a description of the Temple of Venus, go

A Burning Man camp is an honor to provide to the Black Rock Community. To
get here, we have been blessed with the support of many of you. Thank you.
For those going out to Burning Man, I think you’ll see it was an investment
worth putting forward. For us, this is not about partying, this not about
big name DJ’s, it is not about being the best or the brightest. It’s about
reaching people, and reaching into people, for love, for community, for

What else is there?

See you in the desert.


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