Opulent Temple requests your Support!

Help bring back the Opulent Temple in 2008 (and get some AMAZING music in return…)

The Opulent Temple is gearing up for it’s 6th year in a row on the playa. In term of our production and crowds that enjoy our creation, we think it fair to say we are one of BRC’s most popular destinations. We’ve had a rough road to come back for 2008, but thanks to the support of the community and many dj’s we’ll be there in full force. Select super cool DJs have also pitched in by allowing us to share recordings of their past sets at the Opulent Temple with people who make donations. You can hear it just like it happened from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Lee Coombs, Christopher Lawrence, DJ Dan, Dylan Rhymes, Rabbit in the Moon, the Scumfrog, Ali B, and others See the Opulent Music page for more info on how to get some music! Like all sound & art camps, we are totally self funded by fundraising parties, camp members paying dues, and most importantly, the support of the wider Burning Man community. Unlike other select art projects throught art grant system, sound camps receive ZERO financial support from the Burning Man organization despite having massive budgets and providing interactive art zones among the most popular out there. *** So that you know, our budget goes towards fabrication and production costs, transportation, power / gennie rental, sound rental, camp infrastructure, and storage costs. We do not and have never paid dj’s to play or pay their way through Burning Man.So please know your donations are going to help us pay back our hard costs and not anyone’s free ride. *** SO! Please help. Even small amounts add up to something great. Paypal:

OR- Mail a check made out to

Opulent Temple 175 Bluxome st. #216 San Francisco, CA, 94107



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