Opulent Temple’s Annual Decompression After-Party 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

9:00PM – 2:30AM

The Mighty

119 Utah Street, San Francisco CA


After a day heating the street, it’s time for Opulent Temple’s (totally unofficial and unsanctioned) After Party at Mighty right around the corner, so save some mojo for us! OT residents and guests will be in effect for a smooth party transition. This party is always insta-vibe as everyone comes in all dressed up playa proper and already warmed up from the previous festivities and we jump right in for more.

Taking Monday off is an excellent idea 😉

Sliding donation cover

Photos from the party!

Check out pics from previous year


Syd Gris (Opulent Temple / Opel)
Ian Powers (Opulent Temple, Seattle)
Brian Williams (Opulent Temple)
Grammar (Opulent Temple)
Kimba (Opel Productions / Poison Promise)
Steve Clark
Scottie E (RandomNights/Thor Productions)
Leyl Master Black (dEOxidized)
Philthy Phil (Dancetronauts)
Scott E
Jesse Keith
Rizzo Vassalo


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