RV Services

If you’re driving an RV, you must submit your RV’s length and specifications: Submit RV Info


The following RV services and rentals are available to our camp members.


Opulent Temple works with a third-party vendor to schedule black/grey water pump service on the playa. Click the button above to purchase pumping.

* *Note: We are not responsible for RV servicing vendor, their schedule or thoroughness with schedule routes. Since this is Burning Man, there will be times where service schedules may not be met in a timely fashion, but we will do our best to advocate for the camp to get the service that is expected and paid for. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.


For those of you in RV’s, you have the option to purchase water to re-fill your RV from our central bladder. This needs to be pre-purchased before BM. It’s $1.50 a gallon (which is what we pay). We’ll have a hose on a rolling cart that hooks into the main bladder tank, that can reach your RV.

You must handle your own refills. We do not do it for you, but one of our OT vets can show you how to do it yourself. (Ask the Day Lead to help you). It’s as easy as turning on the right faucets and standing there while the tank refills. Most RV’s have a 50 gallon tank. A proper quick playa shower should only use ~ 3 gallons so depending on the amount of showers in your RV, flushing, dish washing etc. you can try to calculate. 2 people in an RV doing quick showers daily + other use will likely need 1-2 refills in a week, with more people, naturally, you’ll need more.

To pre-purchase water for refills, click the button above. Buying more water on playa if you do not pre-purchase enough water won’t necessarily be impossible, but it will pose some challenges we prefer to not deal with. If they do happen, it will require cash. Questions?


bm shower


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