Opulent Temple Send-Off Party with Ali B

Saturday, August 16, 2008


1337 Mission St #67, San Francisco, CA 94103


We’re almost there, and it’s just about time to return to our own annual pilgrimage to the desert. The OT has gotten awesome support from the community to help us return for what is set to be our best year yet! Please come out in support and celebration, as we bring the San Francisco debut of UK breaks taste maker Ali B (Fabric / Air, London, UK).

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n true Burning Man fashion, Ali B kicks off with a politically charged message “Time For the Revolution” to build up momentum backed by techno-tastic beats.
His set encompasses a truly diverse range of electronic genres, from techno to breaks to electro to blips and beeps and back to breaks, taking us on a very twisted trip. His presence behind the decks is super-charged and full of energy.

“Yep, Burning Man is one of a kind,” nods Ali. “The desert is like a big blank canvas or the white walls of a gallery and for one week a year it gets filled to the brim with all sorts of crazy stuff – moving and stationary artwork, music, crazy vehicles, bikes, costumes and lots of fire.” Ali B, founder of Air Recordings, definitely adds a big splash of modern edge with his colorful brand of raw funk.


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