Musical Styles: Progressive House with an Electro edge

VINKALMANN sets are approachable by DJs and non-DJs alike. Expect something different.

“I can still clearly remember the day I discovered electronic music. Standing in front of a speaker (still my favorite place), at a Friends and Family party in San Francisco. Something clicked, it made sense. While a lot of memories fade over time, that one doesn’t. The hard part came next. I knew I needed more of this music, but where to start? It wasn’t until a co-worker gave me Dave Seaman’s Renaissance Awakening that I knew where I wanted to be, and have never looked back. I’m now the guy will reply with a blank stare if asked about current non-electronic music.”

Matt’s weapon of choice is Ableton Live. If one can think it, one can probably do it with this software, with enough work. Creativity is the only limiting factor. Matt’s been using Ableton for a three year’s at this point, and has only begun to crack into its possibilities. His mixes are frequently featured on Frisky Radio and the’s ProgCast. He is a regular contributor at, a website dedicated to increasing the knowledge pool centered around using Ableton Live as a DJ tool.

Matt got involved with Opulent Temple at Burning Man in 2005 and has been playing with them since. He digs the thriving underground scene in San Francisco and enjoys the open-minded, conscious people that are drawn to electronic music.

“I take pride in making each mix a standalone story. Making each mix its own ride allows me to not be tied down to a particular style, and keeps things fresh. I feel alive when mixing, and hope the listener enjoys what I’m trying to say.”


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