What’s Going On with OT in 2017?

Hey Friends, before we get too deep into ’17 we wanted to let you know our plans for the year. First off, we want to thank YOU for your on-going support of us, our community, events and mission. Couldn’t be here without you!

We also want to acknowledge that with the election, currently we’re feeling the landscape has changed a little. Our mission remains as vital and needed as ever, but collectively we also need to figure out new responses to the daily demands of the moment. We have no intention of living in a happy playa bubble cause that’s just not attuned to reality.


We had a fantastic time out in 2016 with what we considered our ‘minimal’ set up. It’s actually the first year -ever- we didn’t come back from BM in debt. Yah! But, as is our nature, next time we come back with full Opulent gusto we’d like that next outing to feel like a step up from the last one. So to that end, we are going to skip 2017 and plan to come back with an elevated offering in 2018. We will maintain our fundraising schedule and all money raised at our events will be banked to raise money for the 2018 effort, as well as our monthly storage costs that have grown considerable, with going on 14 years of our production assets and random playa crap accumulated. We’re already dreaming up new projects to build and we’re excited to have the space and time to work on these.

Of course we WILL still have a presence at BM via our annual Wednesday night Sacred Dance ‘white party’, location tbd, likely as well with some other collaborations in the works during the week.

If you camp with us or were interested in doing so, consider checking out a side project going out this year called Opulent Chill

Opulent Chill is a new camp at Burning Man 2017. Some OT members and the newly interested that are still going to BM, have dreamed up this side project to provide a sanctuary of chill vibes, dance performance, music and gathering in BRC. So that there’s no confusion, this is not OT’s camp at BM this year. Opulent Chill is a separate ‘one-off’ camp just for fun, and being funded by the camp members who pay dues and a crowd funding campaign tbd. (ie – not Opulent Temple’s money). It’s a lot of the Opulent posse who just think the chill vibe at BM is where it’s at for us this year. Head over and Like their page if you want to keep up with their plans and see early renders of the Chill space and other inspirations.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Yours in Sacred Dance to world class music

-The OTeam


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