Opulent Temple’s 2nd Annual Sacred Dance ‘White Party’ Denver 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

9:00PM – 2:00AM

The Black Box

314 E 13th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203


Opulent Temple is back in Denver to bring our signature event with it’s special vibe and elevated intentions to Denver at The Black Box to bring our brand of Opulence with your brand of fun. Fabulously creative white attire requested! (But you knew that)

We think it’s definitely time for a higher calling in community. Since our first Opulent Temple camp at Burning Man in 2003, every Wednesday we’ve done this Sacred Dance event where we most try and manifest our vision – to create a space for Sacred Dance to world class dance music. Sacred Dance is a 100% benefit for Opulent Temple’s 501c non-profit: the Sacred Dance Foundation

A co-created night of magic. Bathed in light, dancing to connect and awaken. Let’s bring community together again Denver! Show us how you do.

Watch this video from our 2016 White Party in SF

Come early, stay late

A 100% benefit for Opulent Temple’s 501c project in the Sacred Dance Foundation & our past and future projects.



:: BRIAN PEEK (Opulent Temple, San Francisco)
soundcloud.com/brianpeek | facebook.com/peekbrian

:: DJ ICON (Opulent Temple, San Francisco)
djicon.com | facebook.com/djicon | soundcloud.com/djicon

:: MILK (Fantastic Hosts, Denver)
soundcloud.com/milk | facebook.com/milkman.amok

:: SERAIAH (Love House, Denver)
soundcloud.com/seraiah-dragon-tao | facebook.com/brian.s.wood1

:: MALIA (Denver, CO)
soundcloud.com/maliawhomp | facebook.com/mary.lieu.395

Chill Out Lounge:

: Billy Love (Loveautivity) – soundcloud.com/loveautivity
: ST8RazR – soundcloud.com/st8razr
: Harperspective – soundcloud.com/harperspective
: Grant Sexena (Digital Ruckus) – soundcloud.com/djsax

Sacred Dance performances led by:
AuroTejas Hemmsel – ShaktiDanceTroupe.com
Star Walvatne & breakdancing crew
Frank Ryan – LED Staff
Vivianne Love & Reina McLinden – Dance Duo, Freestyle and Fan
Christine Tiernay – LED Hoop
Embur Rayne – LED Hoop
Double lasers by Enerjohn
LED curation by Krolo
Stunning visuals brought to you by Denver’s finest!


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