Burning Man 2005

Welcome back to the Opulent Temple: A Sanctuary for Sacred Dance to World Class Music. 2:00 and Esplanade

In troubled times we come together as a community in dance, music, and celebration to stir the soul, move the feet, clear the mind and open the heart. Dance can key into the pulse of the Divine, and hanging out in that pulse is the essence of fully living. Touching the face we had before we were born, so that consciousness infused with Spirit inspires action in the world. …And to turn the tide, we must act….

One Week in the Desert…

A Burning Man camp is an honor to provide to the Black Rock Community. To get here, we have been blessed with the support of many of you. Thank you. For those going out to Burning Man, we think you’ll see it was an investment worth putting forward. For us, this is not about partying, this is not about big name DJ’s, it is not about being the best or the brightest… It’s about reaching people, and reaching into people, for love, for community, for Spirit.

What else is there?

If you like what you see, please consider making a donation to the Opulent Temple. Despite our best efforts we have ended the year in the red to provide everyone the most amazing experience possible. We could still use your generous support! Anything will help.


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