Opulent Temple Seattle presents Sacred Dance ‘White Party’ 2018

Saturday, June 2, 2018

9:00PM -2:00AM

Canvas Gallery

3412 Fourth Avenue South, Seattle, WA


Opulent Temple Seattle presents:
Sacred Dance Our 7th Annual ‘white party’ in Seattle

We’re back for our signature event and our favorite to co-create with you! The classy, conscious and sexy night that is our ‘white costume party’ with higher intentions, production value and magic. Fabulously creative white attire requested! (But you knew that). Come early, stay late!

A 100% benefit for Opulent Temple’s 501c project in the Sacred Dance Foundation & our 2018 camp!


Will you join us?


With Special Guest

:: TRENT CANTRELLE (Yoshitoshi / Mood)

:: SYD GRIS (Opel / Opulent Temple, San Francisco)
soundcloud.com/syd-gris | facebook.com/sydgris

Facebook.com/trevorleon | Instagram.com/trevorleon

:: IAN POWERS (Opulent Temple, Seattle)

:: YAMANAKA (Depth, Macabre. MIND at LARGE)


  • Aerial Performances
  • Ritual Performance
  • Cleansing Ritual & Greeting 
  • Lasers by Light Optics
  • Inflatables by Opel Productions
  • Live Painting by Artists TBA

Stunning visuals. Other special performance and ambient art in motion throughout the night.

Opulent Temple’s 9th Annual ‘Sacred Dance’ in SF

2018 04 07 sacred dance white party 2

Saturday, April 7, 2018

9:00PM – 4:00AM

The Regency Ballroom
1300 Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94109


Opulent Temple & the Sacred Dance Foundation (our 501c) are once again ecstatic to present:
Our 9th Annual Sacred Dance event: Fabulously creative white attire requested

Our signature SF event with higher intentions, stunning production value, decor, ritual and performance, where we pull out all the stops, and so do you, to make some co-created magic. We find ways to make this party better and better. 

Saturday, April 7th @ The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco

Opulent Temple & the Sacred Dance Foundation (our 501c) are once again ecstatic to present:

Our 9th Annual Sacred Dance event: Fabulously creative white attire requested

Our signature SF event with higher intentions, stunning production value, decor, ritual and performance, where we pull out all the stops, and so do you, to make some co-created magic. We find ways to make this party better and better. 

See how it looked last year here

Or see pics here and here

Fabulously creative white attire requested! (But you knew that)
A co-created night of magic. Bathed in light, dancing to connect and awaken.

This event sells out! Get Tix now at their lowest tiers:

Sacred Dance is a 100% benefit for Opulent Temple’s 501c non-profit: the Sacred Dance Foundation. 

**We have big plans for Burning Man 2018, but only with your support! 


Music in the Ballroom:

Syd Gris
Billy Seal
Drew Drop
Billy Casazza
ELiKi w Violin Girl

Music in Opulent Chill:

Golden Ratio
Ashley Ames
Richard Mixon
Filthy Mitch
Vibrational Souls
Jef Stot

Performance and Dance with
– Mathilde Froustey (SF Ballet)
– Lucid Dawn & the BEnders leading / offering cleansing and blessing ritual
– Stephanie Bailey (Vau de Vire)
– Bellydance, Traditional Balinese Dance & Much More

Opulent Temple in L.A. presents Sacred Dance 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018

9:00PM – 4:00AM

The Mayan

1038 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015


Opulent Temple in LA presents: Sacred Dance
in association with the Cruz Coalition
Our 8th Annual Sacred Dance ‘White Party’ in L.A. A co-created night of magic. Bathed in light, dancing to connect and awaken.

Fabulously creative white attire requested, but you knew that.

Our signature OT event with higher intentions, stunning production value, decor, ritual and performance, where we pull out all the stops, and so do you, to make some co-created magic. We find ways to make this party better and better.
3 rooms of Music taking over the historical Mayan with 2 Special Guests!
Sacred Dance is a 100% benefit for Opulent Temple’s 501c non-profit: the Sacred Dance Foundation.
**We have big plans for Burning Man 2018, but only with your support!


9:00. Sprankles
10:30. Syd Gris
11:30. Upercent
1:00. The Scumfrog
3:00. Loomer
10:00. DJ Bamboom
11:00. Jose Delgado
12:00. Bagels
1:00. Brian Peek
2:00. Fleetwood Smack
DISCO (Mezzanine)
10:00. Divasonic
11:30. Kerry BoBerry
12:45. LiquorBox
2:00. King Felix
:: THE SCUMFROG (Knee Deep in Sound, NYC)
:: UPERCENT (Diynamic / Kompakt, Spain)
:: SYD GRIS  (Opel / Opulent Temple)
:: FLEETWOOD SMACK (Camp Charlie)
:: LOOMER (The Cruz Coalition)
:: LOU E. BAGELS (Dirty Beetles)
:: BRIAN PEEK (Opulent Temple, San Francisco)
:: LIQUORBOX (The People’s DJ)
:: KERRY BO BERRY (The Cruz Coalition)
:: KING FELIX (Dirty Beetles)
:: JOSE DELGADO (The Cruz Coalition)
:: DIVASONIC (Sound meditation / ambient set)
Dance and Performance :
Sonia Ochoa (Bellydance Superstar)
Hypnotic Mystique
LIVE VISUALS :: MICHAEL STRAUSS, facebook.com/michaelstraussvisuals

Opulent Temple presents: I, Opulent

Friday March 9th, 2018

10:00PM – 3:00AM


101 6th St, San Francisco, CA 94103


Opulent Temple presents: I, Opulent
Another step on our road back to the desert in 2018!

This party is also a meet and greet for prospective camp members so if you’re curious about camping with us come down and say hi!

An intimate joint to rock it with OT residents


:: BRIAN WILLIAMS (Opulent Temple)

:: ELiKi (Opulent Temple)

:: GRAMMAR (Opulent Temple)

:: SYD GRIS (Opel / Opulent Temple)


Wonderland- Queen of Twisted Hearts

Saturday, February 17, 2018

9:00PM – 2:00AM

407 2nd Ave Ext S, Seattle, WA 98104


In Chapter 6, Wonderland becomes a sancutary for lovers wtih twisted hearts, as well as the always welcome cast of Mad Party People. Grab your lover, or find one on the dance floor, or at the table of the next installment of this raucous and colorful Tea party

A costume party for music, community and mischief. Quality beats, color characters, revelry and hopefully a little trouble!

We have BIG plans for our camp at Burning Man 2018. A dream team of OT’s most talented crew are coming together to produce one of our most ambitious camps. That effort will be huge, and it will only happen (as always) with the backing of the community. (That’s YOU!)

This will be one of many gatherings to manifest the vision, we appreciate your on going love and support!

Come in costume!! You know what to do.

2 Rooms of music, visuals art, deco, performance treats and all kinds of creative fun in the works.

To see how fantastic you looked last year, and/or get a feel for Wonderland, see the pics HERE

A 100% benefit for Opulent Temple’s 501c project in the Sacred Dance Foundation & our past and future projects!



(Opulent Temple, San Francisco)

(Hunt & Gather/Dirtybird/Toy Tonics, Seattle)

(Upper Left, Seattle)

(Opulent Temple, Seattle)

(Opulent Temple, Mothership Inc., Seattle)

(Fraktured, Slut Garden, Seattle)

(LongHa.us, Seattle)


Opulent Temple Kansas City Halloween: Dance Macrabre 2017

Dance Macabre Kansas City

Saturday, October 28, 2017

9:00PM – 3:00AM

Prohibition Hall
1118 McGee St Kansas City, MO 64106


Legendary Burning Man sound camp Opulent Temple is thrilled to announce our debut Halloween event in Kansas City: Dance Macabre.

Come join us for the lovely dark synergy of All Hallow’s Eve with our burning Opulent twist. This new venture is sure to be the highest concentration of quality freaks in the city! Tricks & treats plus scary beats on 2 stages!!!

Put on your best Halloween costume. Dance into the wee hours of the night. Spooks and ghouls get there early!

A 100% benefit for Opulent Temple’s 501c, Sacred Dance Foundation & our ongoing playa projects.
$15 in advance, $20 at the door.
This venue has a limited capacity. THIS PARTY WILL SELL OUT. Get your tickets now!



Featuring Opulent Temple residents + Midwest regional DJs

BRIAN PEEK (Opulent Temple, San Francisco)

LEYL MASTER BLACK (Opulent Temple, San Francisco)

STRYFE (The God Project, St. Paul)

MICHAEL BISHOP (Lifted, St. Louis)

GEOFFOTRON (Gateway Burners, St. Louis)


TODD HOWARD (Kansas City Techno)

JACOB (Kansas City Techno)

NJN TRUBL (Wichita House Music Society)

MORNING GLORY (Skinny Kitty Teahouse, Omaha)

… with live performances by aerialist Rosemary Bloom and burlesque artist Scarlett Sinferno.

Opulent Temple Seattle Halloween : Gothica

Saturday, October 28, 2017

9:00PM – 2:00AM

The Nightjar

407 2nd Ave Ext S, Seattle, WA 98104


Opulent Temple’s 2nd Annual Halloween event in Seattle : Gothica. Seattle’s most Vibe-tastic and dust fueled Halloween costume party

Come join us again for the lovely dark synergy of All Hallow’s Eve with our burning Opulent touches. Last year’s debut event sold out, and we’ve moved to a smaller venue that we think better fits our hope for the vibe and expderience at the new Nightjar. Expect another immersive Halloween environment, killer deco, amazing costumes provided by you, plus special intimate dark corners unique to this new baroque looking interiour.

Get pre-sales at their lowest – this will sell out.: 

Want to volunteer and get in for free? Write us – info@opulenttemple.org


Featuring Very Special Guest!

About The Scumfrog:

25 years after his first DJ gig, and 10 years since his first successful album, Jesse Houk aka The Scumfrog continues to do exactly what he feels like doing; recording his most personal album to date “In Case We’re All Still Here”. Going back to his roots of psychedelic and deep influences, mixed with a wink at sci-fi and a deep understanding of what makes a solid underground groove, Jesse teams up with Armada Music for a journey into Deep House and Tech House. Beside his widely acclaimed song with Sting “If I Ever Lose My Faith”, the album features collaborations with Static Revenger, Vince Elliott, Vassy, and Christian Burns, while other tracks on the album contain Jesse’s own signature vocals.

Not particularly inspired by the commercial side effects of the recent EDM explosion, The Scumfrog decided to retreat to the underground in 2011 with the release of “A Place Where We Belong” on his Facebook page; a project that spawned singles on prestigious labels like 1605, Floorplay, Inkfish, and Armada. He restricted his live shows strictly to venues that prioritize music and sound before bottle service and bachelorette parties, further reflecting his strong commitment to underground sounds, and to making a connection with people that share his love and vast knowledge of music.
Prior to his renewed alliance with the underground, The Scumfrog was mostly known for his award winning stripped-down remixes of artists like Missy Elliott, New Order, Kylie Minogue, and Annie Lennox, and his collaborations writing/producing techno oriented works with David Bowie and Cyndi Lauper. And now, with his Sting project “If I Ever Lose My Faith,” The Scumfrog strongly displays his deep House roots, while still giving mass appeal to the main vocal mix.

As a DJ, The Scumfrog has toured the world many times over, and since 2009 he hosts a weekly radio show/podcast Glam Scum International, showcasing the side of Electronic Dance music that is not for everyone.


(Knee Deep in Sound, NYC)

Chris Tower
(Opulent Temple Seattle)

Opulent Temple & Cruz Coalition Halloween in LA: Dark Karnival 2017

Saturday, October 28, 2017

9:00PM – 4:00AM

Lot 613
613 Imperial Street Los Angeles, CA 90021


Opulent Temple & The Cruz Coalition present:
A 5th Annual Burning Halloween costume joint!

SIMON SHACKLETON  And a lineup loaded with Local Heroes and all kinds of groovy ghoulishness.



 Get Tix at their lowest tiers on HERE:


(Elite Force / Stereo Phoenix / One Series, UK)

DJ Icon (Opulent Temple)

Fleetwood Smack (InStereo Recordings / Camp Charlie)

Loomer (The Cruz Coalition)

LiquorBox (The People’s DJ) vs. King Felix (Pineapple)

Sprankles (Booty Call)

Eliki (Opulent Temple)

Diggs (Steampunk Saloon)


Plus Dark Karnival will host the 2nd Annual Pumpkin Ball to benefit the Little Giant Acorn Foundation for the Arts.

Hosted by EVeryman (Little Giant Acorn Records / Dirty Beetles)

QDup (Fort Knox Recordings)

Thomaas Banks (Psychemagik)

Friskie Business (Camp Charlie)

Jose Delgado (Dirty Beetles)

Featuring deco from Debi Cable 3D.

And more TBA.

Burning Man SF Decompression 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

2:00PM – 4:00AM

Pier 70

901 Illinois St, San Francisco, CA 94107

All Ages


Bay Area! Opulent Temple will be at Burning Man SF Decompression 2017: Black Top City at Pier 70 this Saturday. We’re hosting the large indoor stage with The Kazbah and will be bringing out the O Pod and ‘snowflake’ screens for video mapping. They are doing pre-sale for this now, get those HERE: Come dance with us.

Tickets $25-30 advance, $35 door, kids under 12 free!
Food & beverages available with a portion of food proceeds benefiting art. Eat for art!


Opulent Kazbah Stage

2:00-3:00 Elz
3:00-4:00 Clint Williams
4:00-5:00 Acid Boyz
5:00-6:15 Mitch Rubiyald
6:15-7:15 Sophia Prize
7:15-8:05 Halloran
8:05-9:00 Grammar
9:00-10:00 Dusty Carter
10:00-11:00 Varona
11:00-12:00 Syd Gris
12:00-1:00 Ali Khalili
1:00-2:00 Brian Peek
2:00-3:00 Papa Lu
3:00-4:00 DJ Scott E

Mass Transit: Near the T-Line on 3 rd St. and near major bus lines #22 & #48
Bike Parking: 22nd St & Illinois
Rideshare: Illinois between 20th & 22nd ; Taxi Stand: Illinois between 22nd & 23rd



Dust Off ft. Sirus Hood, Hoj & Lady Waks 2017

Friday, September 08, 2017

9:30PM – 3:30AM

Public Works

161 Erie St, San Francisco, CA 94103


Opulent Temple and Public Works present the always rocking post playa bash that is DUST OFF

2 rooms post burning man blowout. Get tickets at their lowest price now while you can: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1530261

Playa attire of course encouraged! Don’t even wash it first 😛


Sirus Hood (Dirtybird / Cuff, Paris)
To the point now Sirus Hood is a French artist who grew up in Paris. From the age of 10 years old when older friends would pass him mixtapes recorded in underground clubs of the time, he imagined an amazing world, dark but with flashing colours. “In my head it was like a Disneyland I’d never been to but I wanted to get there.” He managed to start playing gigs in the Parisian warehouse scene making his own mixtapes. It was a childhood dream that has become a reality for him. “I was finding the Disneyland but the music was better!” He laughs! His music is influenced widely from classic New York House to the 80s’ Chicago Hip House movement from warehouse / loft parties to the whole Balearic sounds of Ibiza.  His biggest tracks on the likes of Dirtybird and CUFF are great examples of what he is about. House music through and through Sirus Hood emits an infectious energy of enjoyment on the dance floor. Never one to shy away from a show to a knowing crowd, his work ethic is second to none. DJ residencies in Sankeys Ibiza with CUFF for the seasons 2014 and 2015, various venues in London and Showcase in Paris gave him a platform and opened doors to wider audiences all around the globe. From Europe to Brazil, from Australia to South Africa, Russia to North America, passing by the middle east, his travel patterns underline his ability to work with different crowds and cultures while illustrating his cosmopolitan, universal side. To him – music is one language and unit. His work is regularly supported by big names in house music like Amine Edge & DANCE (CUFF), Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin (Dirtybird) who affiliated him to their respective labels. He frequently appears in the Beatport charts.

Hoj (All Day I Dream / Listed)
Hoj is a weird name. It’s just 3 letters, but only 3% of people in the world pronounce it correctly. It doesn’t translate well (especially into Spanish). And is often misspelled. The mischief caused by these 3 little letters is a constant source of amusement for Hoj and those closest to him. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to pronounce “Hoj” correctly. That way if you ever meet Hoj, you can surprise him by pronouncing his name correctly. But we’ll hold out a bit longer for dramatic effect. So yes, lots of mischief caused by the 3 letters that are his name. Fitting, because Hoj sets out to create mischief in all his creative endeavors. His music is deep and sexy in a way that encourages crowds to create a little mischief of their own.  This sound earned him a night at Berlin’s legendary Panorama Bar amongst a slew of other clubs and stages around the world. He was one of the founding members of the Opulent Temple at Burning Man, and in recent years his sets atop the Robot Heart bus have become legendary in their own right. He continues his musical escapades alongside Lee Burridge as a resident for All Day I Dream. And also enjoys a residency with Listed Productions. He is currently based in Los Angeles. And you pronounce his name with a long “O” – like the “O” in “NO”. And a soft “J” – like the “G” in “MIRAGE”. The “H” is not silent.

Lady Waks
Lady Waks is a one woman industry. Promoter, Producer (best breakthrough producer, Breakspoll 2009), DJ (nominated Best Breakthrough DJ at Breakspoll awards 09, best international act SBA 09), Pioneering Graffiti Artist, Designer & Label owner. She is an all round modern media phenomenon. Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Waks has been pushing her ideologies in music for a decade. Her various club nights and festivals have become a by word for quality in dance music circles. It all began back in 1999 with her Hip Hop show on Russians biggest dance radio station «Radio Record». Then in 2000 she left to focus her energy towards promoting and creating the now well kown brand «In Beat We Trust». Recognition came in 2004, when Time Out magazine voted it best club night. After having hosted just about every big Breakbeat DJ in the world, Waks and IBWT went into creating «Breaks Arena», the worlds first Breakbeat Festival. Over 3000 punters per year have seen her and a host of international talent rock the festival for the last years. But Waks doesnt just stay put in Russia. Touring the world has become 2nd nature to the 1st Lady of Beats. From Miami to Sibiria, from China to Australia, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Swiss, Germany she has rocked them all. Lady Waks has also made a name for herself as a producer. Releasing tracks on well known labels such as Menu Music, West, Bass Planet, RAT Records along with her own venture «InBeatWeTrust music» label. Lady Waks is the true definition of talent and hard work. Waks’ weekly radio show on «Radio Record» won the «Best Radio Show» at Breakspoll awards’12. This the first and still only fully breakbeat show in all of Russia. Apart from this IBWT has just released the second Collection of IBWT Wear alongside a Big exibition of Waks’ Photo and design work and some new beats! Respected by her peers and loved by her fans. The future is her’s!


:: Sirus Hood (Dirtybird / Cuff, Paris)

:: Hoj (All Day I Dream)

:: Lady Waks (In Beat We Trust LTD)

:: Syd Gris (Opulent Temple / Opel)

:: DJ Icon (Opulent Temple)

:: DJ Shooey (Space Cowboys)

:: Billy Seal (Opulent Temple)

:: Chuwee (Reptile Society)


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