Opulent Temple Burning Man 2011

Burning Man 2011

Rites of Passage

Black Rock City,  NV

10:00 & ‘B’ (Birthday)

Unfiltered joy should certainly be a Rite of Passage. For the 9th time at Burning Man, we’ll be setting the stage for you to take that ride. Experience immersion, sound communion, sensory delight, and shared large scale happiness under the stars and the fire.

Opulent Temple 2011 seeks to do what we always do : provide a space for Sacred Dance to world class dance music. Our hope is that you might have an experience with yourself and those around you that opens your heart and clears your mind to the spirit that is. Having touched that place, we hope it can help make you fearless to face injustice, prejudice and ignorance in the default world; to feel a little more emboldened to shed light and humor and funk in the many corners of darkness.

We hope you know camps like ours are entirely supported by the community and the camp members. We could use your help if you want to pitch in by donating.

Every dollar counts (and we’ll send you live recordings from past years as a thank you.) See you on the dance floor!


Monday Night 8/29: The 9th Opening
08:45 Opening Ceremony
11:00 Brian Williams
12:00 Billy Casazza
01:00 Cosmic Selector
02:00 Brian Peek
03:00 Ghost Wolf
(04:00 )
Tuesday Night: Paradox, Humor, Change
07:00 ATHENA
08:00 Michael Anthony
08:45 Mike Butler
09:45 Ben Seagren
10:45 Matt Kramer
11:45 Dutch
12:45 M.A.N.D.Y.
02:00 D. Ramirez
03:15 Drew Drop
04:15 Billy Seal
05:15 Dulce Vita
06:15 JD Mack
07:15 ELiKi
Wednesday Night: Sacred Dance Our Annual White Party – White Attire requested
08:00 Dissolv (live)
09:00 Zebbler Encanti Experience
10:00 Destrukt
11:00 .Gunslinger (live)
12:00. .EOTO (live)
01:30 Infected Mushroom (live PA w 4 piece band)
03:00 Christopher Lawrence
04:15 Infected Mushroom *DJ Set*
(old school / Classical Mushroom period)
05:45 Dutch
07:00 Random Rab
Thursday Night: Learning Love
06:00 Wedding of Jim & Monica
08:00 Donald Glaude
09:00 Brian Williams
09:45 Jamie Lin
10:45 Distraction
11:30 Tek Freaks
12:30 Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method
02:30 Dulce Vita
03:30 Dex Stakker
04:30 DJ ICON
05:30 Jeff Taisch
06:30 Jonboy
07:30 Treavor Moontribe
Friday Night: Experience & Letting Go of Experience
07:00 Idiot Savant
09:00 Wolfie
10:00 DJ Kramer
11:00 Sneaky Bastard
12:00 DJ Dan
01:15 Syd Gris
02:30 Vinkalmann
04:00 Drew Drop
05:00 Brian Peek
06:00 Billy Seal
07:15 JB Vries
(08:15 )
Saturday Night: Burn & Renewal
10:00 Mike Butler
11:00 J’Sin
12:00 Lee Coombs
01:15 Dutch
02:15 Meat Katie
03:30 Elite Force
04:45 Tek Freaks
05:45 Billy Casazza
06:45 Dex Stakker


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