Opulent Temple Burning Man 2015

Burning Man 2015

Carnival of Mirrors

Black Rock City, NV

10:00 & Illusion

plus more locations on the Playa!

As we have every year since our inception in 2003 in Black Rock City, we gather with the intention to create a space for Sacred Dance to World Class Music together. We hope you touch the part of you that inspires action and evolution in your life and spheres of influence. We also hope you have ridiculous amounts of fun and do some intense dancing. To give ourselves a different experience this year, we don’t have our normal sound camp to come find us at the same spot every night, so please see below on our mobile adventures for 2015.

Thank you all for your on going support of us and our events so that we can be here to do what we do. As we know you know, it’s a community effort, solely supported by you and us. See you on the dance floor!

Tuesday: Opulent Temple & Dusty Rhino present: The Opulent Rhino
10:00 & Illusion – then move to Inner Playa
09:00 DJ B
10:00 Nugz
11:00 Jonboy
12:00 Alvaro Bravo
01:00 DJ Dan
02:00 Billy Seal
03:00 DJ Wes Smith

Wednesday: Sacred Dance: Our 13th Annual ‘White Party’ at BRC

Part I: Kick off between The Man and Serpent Mother along 4:00 axis.
Base vehicle: Bounce
09:00 El Jefe Rojo
10:00 Syd Gris

(Car departs @ 10:30 & moves to Serpent Mother around 10:45)

Part II: Serpent Mother, inner playa along 4:00 axis.
Base vehicle: Thor Bus
10:45 Syd Gris
11:30 Grammar
12:15 Dulce Vita
01:00 Carl Cox

(Bounce peels off from Serpent Mother party around 12:45 to re-establish new spot)

Part III: R-Evolution Inner playa along 1:00 axis.
Base vehicle: Bounce
01:00 Kyle Jouras
02:00 Skrillex & Diplo as Jack Ü
03:15 DJ ICON
04:00 Billy Seal
04:45 ELiKi w Violin Girl
Part IV: Open Playa straight up from R-Evolution for sunrise
05:30 Mike Butler

Thursday: Opulent Temple at Trifucta

7:00 & Esplanade

10:00 Brian Williams
11:00 Grammar
12:00 Vinkalmann
01:00 Jonboy
Opulent Temple at Disorient
8:00 & Esplanade | House Music
10:00 DJ ICON
10:45 Dulce Vita
11:30 Mike Butler
12:15 ELiKi
01:00 Brian Peek
02:00 Camea
05:00 Jean Dom
Opulent Temple at Camp Questionmark: FROM DUST TIL DAWN
2:00 & Carny | Bass Music
09:00 Dulce Vita
10:30 Cosmic Selector
11:15 Sayer
12:15 DJ ICON
01:00 Bleep Bloop
02:00 Tokimonsta
03:00 Phutureprimitive
04:00 Deekline
05:00 El Papa Chango
06:00 PRSN
07:00 Raso
Art Car Support by The Grabber
Will go in between both OT parties and beyond.
09:00 (Open)
10:30 Jonboy
12:00 DJ Hil
01:00 (Open)
03:00 Chris Tower


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