Opulent Temple BM 2012 Video

If you need to put a smile on your face at any time, you now have a cure all for any moment. Check out Opulent Temple in action from this compendium video put from BM this past August. It will take you right back.

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Opulent Temple Burning Man 2012

Burning Man 2012

Fertility 2.0

Black Rock City, NV

10:00 & Esplanade

This coming burn is our 10th annual camp at Burning Man, marking a decade of efforts to create a space for sacred dance to world class music. What a ride! We give the gift to our community and to ourselves, and we work hard to bring forth a play space to touch the heart and see things clearly. The goal is not to party, though we all do it well. The goal is to connect and awaken, and to bring the fruits of that to our relationships to each other and the world all year round. It’s easy to be giddy and open hearted under the stars and the fire in the desert, surrounded by friends, freaks and some of the greatest dance music in the world. Less easy back in our daily lives, toiling in an unconscious world. And we know, especially given the luxuries, means and privilege we have, that we have a responsibility and a duty to bring the light. We like ours with a dash of bass, fire and groove.

Thank you all for your on going support of us and our events so that we can be here to do what we do. As we know you know, it’s a community effort, solely supported by you and us. Opulent Temple is stronger than ever and looking forward to new directions in the future. See you on the dance floor!


Monday Night 8/27: The Beginning of the End or just 2.0?
08:45 Opening Ceremony
09:00 Grammar
10:00 Bassmechanic
10:45 Mike Butler
11:20 The Quadrobe
11:55 ELiKi
12:30 Billy Seal
01:30 Billy Casazza
02:30 Jonboy
03:30 Cosmic Selector
04:30 TMI
05:30 Scott Schaffer
Tuesday Night: Birth of an Idea
08:00  Erik Lobe
09:00 Loomer
10:00 Brian Peek & Drew Drop
11:00 Seven Lions
12:00 Miyagi
01:00 Aphrodite
02:15 Tek Freaks
03:15 Dulce Vita
04:15 Jon H of Fort Knox 5
05:15 DJ Wolfie
06:15 Mike Butler
Wednesday Night: Sacred Dance Our Annual White Party
White Attire requested
08:00 Alvaro Bravo
08:45 Derek Hena
09:45 Ben Seagren
10:30 Brian Williams
11:30 DJ Dan
12:45 Felguk
02:00 Syd Gris
03:00 Vinkalmann
04:30 Dutch
05:30 Brian Peek
06:30 JD Mack
07:30 DJ Hil
Thursday Night: World 2.0
08:00 Sex Pixels
09:00 Brother Hill
10:00 Distraction
11:00 Drew Drop
12:00 Stanton Warriors
01:30 Elite Force
02:45 Dulce Vita
03:45 DJ ICON
04:45 Dex Stakker
05:45 Billy Casazza
06:45 ELiKi
Friday Night: The Quest
08:00 Dr. Jones
09:00 Matt Kramer
10:15 Kramer
11:30 Dutch
12:30 Carl Cox
02:30 Christopher Lawrence
03:45 Billy Seal
04:45 The Quadrobe
05:45 Brian Williams
06:45 Dex Stakker
Saturday DAY: Just for the Sun of it
01:00 iMu
02:00 JD Mack
3:00 Jonboy
04:00 Keith Mackenzie
05:00 Ali B

Saturday Night: Burning & Re-birthing
10:00 Kimba
11:15 J-Sin
12:00 The Scumfrog
01:00 Tek Freaks
02:00 Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method
03:30 Drew Drop
04:30 Dylan Rhymes
05:30 Syd Gris Sunrise Closing Set – The Final Cut?


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