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Welcome to Opulent Temple 2018! After some members of the Opulent team did the first ‘Opulent Chill’ camp last year, this year the full OT team will be back with an ambitious sound camp vision, of all systems Go Opulent Temple, on either the 10:00 or 2:00 corners (requested). That means a big production, new projects, large scale sound, our trademark flame-throwing DJ booth, and other recognizable opulent art and decoration, it’s intentionally going to be kick ass, where we try and activate all our built up production assets and have an incredible line up.

If you’ve already corresponded with us and gotten approval to register in our Member’s Area, you are invited to register, pay camp dues and formally Opulent Temple 2018. As mentioned – We will have a full functioning power grid you can plug into for a fee (more info in power section). We will also have our custom built indoor 3 stall shower trailer, with a large water source which camp members have access to. We will once again have access to the Dub Gypsy Kitchen meal plan that delivers to us. We will also have access to RV services we help coordinate for water and pumping.

We will host our legendary events nightly, Monday-Saturday, with our biggest of the week likely to be our annual Wednesday night Sacred Dance ‘white party’. There will also be a Tuesday sunset camp Happy Hour — Meet and greet for all camp members, and open to the public to invite friends. Come enjoy live DJ’s and drinks. Much more to read about and know about, please read on!

Your Arrival Day

As mentioned, OT will be requesting placement on a corner, we won’t know where we end up until July. When you arrive, find the Day Lead (we will post the Day Leads closer to BM) or someone else from the core team that can help you get placed. Tents have zones or specific placement. RVs are placed on the camp map. They will also give you a wristband that ID’s you as a camp member. Then, they’ll let you know what comes next after getting settled, depending on your arrival time and dues.

The Vibe

This mostly goes without saying, but to state the obvious: the vibe in the camp is paramount to our experience. That vibe is a premium on friendliness, conscientiousness, hard work, conscious fun, composure, cooperation, self awareness, mature communication, and participation. If there’s a core value in the camp, it’s accountability and doing what you say you’re going to do. This is what makes us Opulent.

Daily Campwide Meetings

We want to be more than a bunch of people on the same plot of land at Burning Man. We strive for a community vibe, operating like a tribe with common cause. To that end, we meet EVERY DAY at 12 noon in the shade area to get organized / oriented / say hello / make important camp announcements. It’s the best way to feel connected to those in the camp, trade stories, get questions answered, have your needs met, lick your party wounds together, etc. We request everyone attend every day. Working members are REQUIRED the first two days after your arrival (the days you’re committed to helping), as is anyone doing a Day Lead assistant shift that day, or hosting shift that night. e.g.: if you have a hosting shift Saturday night, you need to be at the noon meeting on Saturday.

Shift Volunteers, Hosting or Kitchen Shift

All Working members MUST sign up for an on-playa work shift and/or a hosting shift.

Camp Meal Plan

We are pleased to be working with the Dub Gypsy Kitchen again this year who is offering a meal plan for a hearty and healthy brunch and dinner every day. Vegetarian options are also available. Info on the menu and payment options (you pay Dub Gypsy Kitchen directly) pending. *Again, please note: they are an outside vendor.

We will also have our usual community kitchen for members to cook their own meals. You obviously bring your own food but can use our basic appliances and cookware : microwave, stovetop, pans, etc. Along the lines of being a conscientious camp member, you are responsible for cleaning anything you use from the kitchen.


We will bring our custom-built showers you can use on the playa. We’ll have communal water for showers, but you should still bring some of your own just in case, because nothing is guaranteed on the playa. You definitely need to bring your own Sun Shower. Don’t forget! We ask that everyone take quick “military” showers (ie. turn off the water while you’re shampooing or soaping) to limit the amount of grey water that we produce. Don’t forget to bring some flip flops and a towel too. Finally, please don’t leave your personal items in the shower, thank you.


The camp will have recycling you can use. You need to plan on packing out your own trash (or burning it). If you are still there Sunday after Strike and IF there is room in the truck after the camp’s needs are met – then, and only then – can you add your personal trash.

Camp Power

If you want to plug your RV into the camp power grid, so you don’t have to use your own generator, you’ll need to bring your own 50-100′ extension cord, adapter (consult your RV renter / owner for guidance), and pay a power fee of $150.

If you’re in a tent and want to plug into the camp power grid, bring your own 50’ extension cord. For light power usage (e.g. lights, phone), the power fee is $20. If you’ll require more power (.e.g. AC units, refrigerators, etc) the power fee is $50. Spots are limited.

All power fees are due by August 15th. After that, no additional RVs will be added to the grid at BM. Limited on-playa requests for tent power may or may not be accommodated, and will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis. Last minute requests will also include a $250 “dummy penalty.” Pay in advance!

We will provide labels that attach to your extension cords plugged into our grid. Do not attempt to plug into our power grid without pre-paying, or your cord will be unplugged. Repeat offenders will find their cord cut, and lose on-playa payment privileges.

You may pay your power fee along with your dues.

Safety in the Camp and Law Enforcement

We request everyone be diligent and aware of what’s going on in the camp at all times. The daily meetings and camp wrist band are partly to help know who’s allowed to be somewhere (inner camp, backstage) and who might not be. When you see strangers, ask if you can help them find someone and find out why they are there. Definitely bring a bike lock and lock your bike, day and night.

To state the obvious, DO NOT do drugs of any kind where anyone can see you. DO NOT give or sell drugs to anyone you meet or befriend, even other camp members. Undercovers have been known to befriend Burners, party with them for days, ask to get hooked up, then arrest them. Whole camps have been searched because of one person caught with drugs. DO NOT bring heat on the camp. It is the ultimate party foul. Think radical self-reliance in all its forms.

We also want to encourage you to not walk around paranoid, thinking every friendly stranger is a cop. Walk the fine line between vigilance and relaxation; be smart. If you do need help, find a Ranger.


You are not officially a camp member until you fill out the Member Registration form and pay member dues.

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