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Awesome, your RV is good to go!

Thank you for signing up for a hosting shift!

You will receive an email confirmation shortly, please add it to your calendars. We appreciate you doing your part to make Opulent Temple a safe and fun place for everyone in our community!

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Thank you for signing up for a hosting shift!

You will receive an email confirmation shortly, please add it to your calendars. We appreciate you doing your part to make Opulent Temple a safe and fun place for everyone in our community!

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Thank you for your payment!

Next, please go read the camp guidelines.

You’re registered!


  1. Request to join the Camp Member Facebook Group
  2. If you’re in the US and are a Working or Participating Member, please mail a $500 check for your Strike Deposit to:
    Sacred Dance Foundation
    306 Arguello Blvd #202
    San Francisco, CA 94118
  3. Read the camp guidelines
  4. Once you’re added to the group, introduce yourself!

Camp Site Map 2

You must check in with the day lead before setting up your camp as changes may occur.

Sunday: Billy & Liz aka BLiz
Monday: ICON & Clint Williams
Tuesday: Dulce Vita & Taylor Hansen
Wednesday Justin & Jamie
Thursday: Gina aka G-Lux
Friday: Syd Gris
Saturday: TBD
Strike Sunday: BLiz for AM shift / Billy Seal amp; Clint for PM shift

Camp Site Map

You must check in with the day lead before setting up your camp as changes may occur.

Sunday: Superman (Greg)
Monday: Superman (Greg)
Tuesday: ELiKi (Eric)
Wednesday Taylor Hansen
Thursday: Syd Gris (who’s looking for help since I’m only there this 1 full day)
Friday: ICON (Connie)
Saturday: Mike Butler
Strike Sunday: Dulce Vita and Brian Peek

Member FAQs

Following are some frequently asked questions from our members. We chose not to include much content here because we would rather you learn all the information we provide in the Members’ Area pages.

How to Register

  1. Go to opulenttemple.org/members and login. If you don’t have an account, click on ‘Create an account’ below.
  2. Enter your real name, user name, password, password confirmation, email address, email address confirmation
  3. Fill out the Captcha security passphrase
  4. Click Register
  5. You will see a confirmation message thanking you for registering and that your account must be verified before you may login.
  6. You will immediately receive an administrator email to verify your account by clicking a link.
  7. You will be redirected to a system message thanking you for verifying your email address and that one of our admins will approve and activate your account promptly.
  8. Once we have activated your account, you may then login to opulenttemple.org/members with the credentials you chose during registration.
  9. When logged in, you will have access to the members’ only pages of our site. Register as an official camp member by filling out the form on the Members Registration page.
  10. Enter all required fields and any/all other fields you wish.
  11. After submitting the registration form, go to the Member Dues to read out about our camp dues structure and click on ‘Pay Dues with PayPal’ button.
  12. Send your camp dues, RV service requests, power usage fee in the same PayPal transaction with a detailed description and breakdown of your dues.

What if I change my mind about my plans or contribution/dues level?

No problem, just send us a message here letting us know your plans.

Camp Guidelines

The below is basically explicit common sense, but we’ve added to it over the years as a better safe than sorry read. Some of it will be news to you, a lot of it won’t.


  • Make the safety of yourself and the people around you a priority at all times.
  • Wear protective equipment, Gloves, Eye protection and be careful. Watchout for one another out there.
  • Bring rebar to secure to your camp. After driving Rebar, put a water bottle/tennis ball (have before starting) or other object over the exposed rebar to protect the rest of us. Do this immediately after your rebar is in. DO NOT use a 6 foot piece of rebar and bury it with only 3 inches sticking out of the ground. 24″ rebar is sufficient for most personal tents and 36″ rebar for carports. In addition, DO NOT use rebar to mark a driving path or walk path and never put rebar in the middle of a walkway. Rebar has a well deserved reputation for catastrophic puncturing of tires and people. Remember, we need to find every stick of REBAR we put in the ground at the end of the week!
  • Keep your personal camp in order, strapped down and protected from wind.
  • No personal generators (except a quiet honda eu1000i/eu2000i generator which can be used for temporary power). There will be power drops throughout the camp. Get involved to make sure your close to the power you might need. Turn off your AC at night. We need the power for the System and our show.


  • Respect yourself and your campmates. NO DRAMA. Don’t overdo it, drink water constantly!! (if your a grouch or don’t feel awesome, you need water!)
  • Show up for your scheduled duties and work as a team. Many hands make light work, work together.
  • Respect the parking plan. Please place a sign on your vehicles dashboard with your NAME and LOCATION of your tent/camp. Nobody likes to move vehicles after you park, but many times it is a necessity. Please be aware that you may have to adjust the position of your CAR or RV or Hot Tub on wheels for the good of the camp.
  • Respect our neighbors camps, introduce yourself, be a humble ambassador.
  • Keep a watchful eye on our camp for trespassers and thieves especially burn night. Ask questions to people who are in our camp that you don’t recognize.
  • Keep your cool in tight situations; a calm composure (or something close to) makes for an ideal ending.
    Use a tool, bring it back to the person you borrowed it from. There will be a designated tool wrangler this year. Don’t use tools your not comfortable with or qualified to use.

Act, Participate

  • If you see something that is dangerous or needs to be dealt with, ACT, participate and accomplish. Round up campmates to help with the task. (Don’t let the shower holding tank overflow, Don’t let fuel leak onto the playa, Act if you smell propane). Don’t assume someone else will do it – you are someone else.
  • Do Not abandon your back stage door station unless your relieved and have another OT campmate take over if you need to see the porta. This area is our safe zone. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to leave.
  • Do what you said you were going to do. Don’t ignore opportunities to help out. We have a great crew, lets keep it up.

RVs and Cars

  • RV people take special care to keep your tanks from leaking onto the playa. Get on the RV services list and be hassle free.
  • Cars and Trucks will be parked outside our camp in an adjacent area (if possible!) or used as a border to our camp for enhanced security.


  • Never use the camp trash (kitchen, etc.) for your personal garbage. Recycle and pack out what you brought. Leave No Trace is an everyday reality.
  • Leftover Food scraps that will not be eaten should be burned in a burn barrel to stop the stink. Specifically Melon rinds that reek a day later

RV Services

If you’re driving an RV, you must submit your RV’s length and specifications: Submit RV Info


The following RV services and rentals are available to our camp members.


Opulent Temple works with a third-party vendor to schedule black/grey water pump service on the playa. Click the button above to purchase pumping.

* *Note: We are not responsible for RV servicing vendor, their schedule or thoroughness with schedule routes. Since this is Burning Man, there will be times where service schedules may not be met in a timely fashion, but we will do our best to advocate for the camp to get the service that is expected and paid for. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.


For those of you in RV’s, you have the option to purchase water to re-fill your RV from our central bladder. This needs to be pre-purchased before BM. It’s $1.50 a gallon (which is what we pay). We’ll have a hose on a rolling cart that hooks into the main bladder tank, that can reach your RV.

You must handle your own refills. We do not do it for you, but one of our OT vets can show you how to do it yourself. (Ask the Day Lead to help you). It’s as easy as turning on the right faucets and standing there while the tank refills. Most RV’s have a 50 gallon tank. A proper quick playa shower should only use ~ 3 gallons so depending on the amount of showers in your RV, flushing, dish washing etc. you can try to calculate. 2 people in an RV doing quick showers daily + other use will likely need 1-2 refills in a week, with more people, naturally, you’ll need more.

To pre-purchase water for refills, click the button above. Buying more water on playa if you do not pre-purchase enough water won’t necessarily be impossible, but it will pose some challenges we prefer to not deal with. If they do happen, it will require cash. Questions?


bm shower


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