Brian Peek

Brian Peek

Musical Styles: a full range of psy-breaks, electro, tech house, midtempo nu funk breaks, and downtempo

Dance floors at clubs and undergrounds all over the city have been mezmerized by the special touches he incorporates into his mixes, often encompassing sounds that have dirty hard-hitting basslines, twisted sound design, bangin’ progressions, with sprinkles of chunk and glitch.

Brian Peek, resident DJ with Opulent Temple, is no newcomer to the industry. Rocking prime size crowds in San Francisco for the past six years, Brian focuses on mixing the highest quality of tunes across his full range of psy-breaks, electro, tech house, midtempo nu funk breaks, and downtempo. Dance floors at clubs and undergrounds all over the city have been mezmerized by the special touches he incorporates into his mixes, often encompassing sounds that have dirty hard-hitting basslines, twisted sound design, bangin’ progressions, with sprinkles of chunk and glitch.

The inspiration for Brian Peek when exercising complete crowd control emerges from his passion for everything about electronic music culture, particular the technical complexity involved in the creation process. Like many DJs, he started as an event participant which led him to hosting his own weekly radio show on his college radio station. Soon after, he began promoting regular events with Thump Radio and producing those radio shows for FM, Webcast, and XM Satellite. Brian Peek is a true professional who takes his craft seriously and has provided performance support for some of the globe’s most well-known jocks, like Dylan Rhymes, Elite Force, Meat Katie, Ali B, D: Fuse, Roxiller, Fine Cut Bodies, Carbon Community, Future Funk Squad, Rennie Pilgrim, Hyper, General Midi, Uberzone, and Lee Burridge.

His first residency, with ThumpChill allowed him opportunities to share his love of his favorite music, while opening for acts like Hybrid, Jondi & Spesh, Garth, Michael Anthony. This caught the attention of Ambient Mafia which afforded Brian the experience he needed to reach new heights. Since then, he has held down residencies at community staples like DNA Lounge, 550 Barneveld, and Anu. In 2009, he was invited to join Opulent Temple, including a prestigious DJ residency and contributions to artistic metal fabrications for one of the most well-known large scale sound camps in Burning Man history. In addition, he plays a significant role as executive producer of popular web podcasts for both Below Zero and Opulent Temple. Today, Brian’s name is synonymous with Below Zero, including hosting a weekly event featuring downtempo on Wednesdays at Blowfish SF. Without a doubt, Brian Peek as a DJ delivers the full package proper in skill, talent, and undeniable passion for his full range of electronic sound.

Brian Williams

Brian Williams

Musical Styles: Big Bass, Electro House, Tech House Funk

If you don’t like to dance! Don’t be a DJ!

Music is his cure! Ever since DJ Brian Williams could remember he has had a deep passion for music. Growing up, he enjoyed all types of music from rock to hip hop and everything in between. In his early twenty’s he was introduced to house music and instantly felt a deep connection. He had always enjoyed dancing but house music took it to a whole other level. He soon realized the only scene for him was a room filled with people dancing to his energetic beats. His stompy beats packed the house. It has been over 16 years since he started his musical journey. DJ Brian Williams has played at a variety of venues from Miami Winter Conference to LA. He has been a part of Opulent Temple for the last 6 years out of San Francisco, playing Love Fest for four years in a row, Burning Man, 1015 and End up. He has been a large part of bring house music to the Central Valley and playing for Pure 209. He has had many opportunities to open for DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, DJ Bam Bam and Charles Feel Good and Josh the Funky One to name a few. He has joined forces with Mephisto Oddyssey of Groove Quest records and now Boom Rock Saints. He continues to remix several tracks for viewing on BeatPort under Boom Rock Saints. DJ Brian Williams brings a positive and humble attitude to this political and competitive industry. Not only does he enjoy searching for music and creating projects that will make people not only dance but, reach the depth of their souls. He is always trying to reinvent himself and push out new ear catching sounds. Music is his cure in this crazy world and the only time he truly feels alive! At each passing year he feels more confident than ever and wants to create and play music for all of you!

Dulce Vita

Dulce Vita

Musical Styles: Breaks (Nu Skool, Electro, Big Beat), House, Dubstep, Mid-Tempo, Glitch-Hop, World Beats, Chill Out, IDM

Enter Dulce Vita (pronounced dol-sie/vee-tah). True individuality happens here as a result of a musical risk.

Since her debut performance at Google headquarters in 2004, you might have already experienced her audio collage of eclectic tracks at underground warehouse venues or major nightclubs such as Ruby Skye, The End-Up, 1015, Supper Club, Mighty, Mezzanine, Kelly’s Mission Rock, DNA Lounge, Temple, Club 6, Paradise Lounge, 550 Barneveld, Shine, Anu, Whisper, etc. Dulce considers any single performance a personal success if she can make a deeply positive impact on at least one person’s experience. In recent past, Dulce was named WINNER of SF Weekly: City of Spin 2009 (Annual DJ Competition) and her performance at Burning Man earned a prestigious mention by the Editor-in-Chief in international publication ‘DJ Mag’ (2008 issue featuring Top 100).

Dulce Vita booked nearly 100 performances as a DJ in 2009. Based on witnessed live performance, she has received personal accolades direct from personal heroes like Micky Finn, DJ Dan, Soul of Man, Meat Katie, Josh Gabriel, Dave Dresden, Slyde, and Reid Speed. In addition to sharing the bill with those headliners, she has been proud to play alongside greats such as: Ozomatli, Carl Cox, Stanton Warriors, Uberzone, Bassnectar, Freq Nasty, Dieselboy, Aquasky, Lee Coombs, Dylan Rhymes, Rennie Pilgrem, Elite Force, Wolfgang Gartner, Far Too Loud, Fort Knox Five, The Rogue Element, Hyper, Orbital, Rabbit in the Moon, Dubtribe Sound System, Bass Kleph, Gabriel & Dresden, Jen Lasher, Shortee, Mephisto Odyssey, Ali B, Coburn, Steve Lawler, Scumfrog, D:Fuse, Scarlett Etienne, Hatiras, Fixx, Myagi, Cheb i Sabbah, Random Rab, Ana Sia, ILL-esha, Beats Antique, Eskmo, Eprom, An-ten-nae – as well as a countless number of talented local jocks.

Dulce has held numerous prior residencies at night clubs as a DJ all over San Francisco. In 2006, she was proud to be selected as the first female to be affiliated with ‘OPULENT TEMPLE’ (the infamous large-scale sound camp at Burning Man featuring global talent on 200,000 watts). In 2009, she was invited to wobble out with ‘CALIFORNIA DUBSTEP REPUBLIC’, a collective of performers who provided the first ever Dubstep float in San Francisco’s equivalent of a large scale EDM festival like Love Parade. That year also debuted her solo event production alias, under the apt pseudonym: ‘DVANT GARDE’. DV concepted, created, and debuted a new breed of seasonal event (known as ‘Womper Womb’) showcasing dubstep, glitch, and breaks with all female DJ talent from Burning Man. In 2010, she gained a new monthly residency with ‘BELOW ZERO’, featuring downtempo, chillout, trip-hop, and IDM.

Billy Seal

Billy Seal

Musical Styles: Progressive & Electro House, Breaks

Sets range from smooth progressive grooves to epic electro slammers, always of the uplifting and melodic variety.

Coming soon…

Billy Casazza

Billy Casazza

Musical Styles: Bangin progressive electro tech funk

over a decade of playing music that makes me move and will hopefully move you

The latest mix CD by Billy Casazza is entitled It’s Not Me It’s The Music, but he’s really just being humble. Because while somebody else could run out and buy the same records, nobody could spin the way he does, building an escapable vice that commands you to move. “I have always been around dance music and dancing, even when I was Kid,” says Casazza. Growing up on a diet of Front 242, New Order, Kraftwerk, and Nizter Ebb, it wasn’t long before he found electronic music and the love affair truly began. “The first time I heard electronic music I was hooked. I bought records for my friends to spin at all the high school dances in the late 80’s, at that time I had now idea how to DJ.” Although he admits that his main goal at the time was just dancing with the girls. During the early rave days he bounced around from party to party, in 97 he started to DJ out of frustration with the tired sounds he was hearing on the dance floor. “I figured I could buy the records I loved and play them-If they didn’t make me dance I wouldn’t buy them. I still live by that rule.

Honing his skills and developing an unique blend of dark funky, tribal sounds, progressive and electro, and plenty of breaks for the dancers, Casazza quickly moved beyond the confines of California’s Central Valley where he is based, growing a devoted following in San Francisco’s best clubs. 1015, Ruby Skye, Mighty, Anu, 111 Minna, Mezzanine-Casazza has played them all, Djing alongside the likes of Dj Dan, Paul Oakenfold, Scumfrog, Rabbit in the Moon, Terry Mullan, Gene Farris, Hipp-e, Spesh, Soulslinger, RPO, Dylan Rhymes, Doc Martin, Garth, John Howard. As word of his talents spread he began getting International gigs. He played parties in Portugal, Romania, Egypt, Bali, Java, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, and Panama have all been rocked by Casazza.

His Favorite gig? “Opulent Temple at Burning Man is always an experience, but Ecosystem 2.0 in the Amazon Rain Forest in front of 2000 people as the sun was coming up. I had to play after Ken Ishi and a psychtrance Dj, but some how, some way, everyone stuck around smiling and dancing, going off until 10 in the morning, .” It’s a long way from his first gig ( a tequila-fueled house party with the typically annoying request for commercial Hip Hop) but Casazza is a natural in front of crowds, whether its festivals like Burning Man or SF’s Love Fest Parade or the smallest dive bar.

As Casazza continues to travel, and holds down a residency at Anu called Dose, and Opulent Temple, the next step is to focus on his own Label Nutbass Records. Nutbass has already released two 12”s that have been played by the likes of Jerry Bohnam, Gabriel and Dresden and Jondi and Spesh and have received good reviews in BPM, but Casazza wants more. The best thing in the world is to play your own songs and watch everyone dance and have fun,” he says. “My goal is to play just my own music. I think then I could consider myself a true artist” All modesty aside, just ask anyone losing it to one of his sets-they will tell you he is already an artist of the highest order.

Syd Gris

Syd Gris

Musical Styles: When going for prime time intensity, a full range of tech funk house-techno & breakbeat. When keeping it groovy, bassy deep house and playful nu-disco.

Chief facilitator of beat induced peak experience

He’s been called a Renaissance man of the West Coast scene, and with good reason. A community based licensed clinical psychologist, one of SF’s biggest event producers, a social activist and blogger, a transpersonal psychology researcher, Board Member and key producer of the San Francisco LovEvolution event (formerly known as LoveFest & Love Parade), and the founder and organizer of arguably Burning Man’s biggest sound camp production ever -Opulent Temple. And of course … a DJ.

Syd has been organizing events since 2001 when he started throwing both underground parties and benefit events for different charities with Spundae. The following year he started his own production company Opel Productions, intended to be parties with purpose showcasing a range of forward thinking underground dance music with a dash of social activism thrown in the party message. In 2003, he finished his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, founded Opulent Temple with Rich Martin, and Joined the Board for San Francisco’s Love event, where he heads up the Promotions and Marketing Team, and Floats & Entertainment Team.

In his current ‘day job’, he works out of a community clinic with foster kids in the Bayview Hunter Point area in San Francisco.

On the DJ tip, Syd is one of the West Coast’s top talents, consistently being voted in the Top 10 San Francisco Dream Team poll, and playing the biggest events in California party land. Playing a versatile range of electro house and breaks, to progressive and tech-trance, he’s been personally tapped to open and close for the varied likes of Tiesto, Moby, Stanton Warriors, Paul Oakenfold, Underworld, Armin Van Burren, Adam Freeland, Meat Katie, Markus Schultz, Ferry Corsten, and the list goes on. Syd knows what to do in any situation to bring the universal vibe of dance music. His sets are known for walking the fine line between the gritty and the pretty, and he has a range seldom scene in the West Coast scene.



Musical Styles: Breakbeat, Bass Music: Trap & Twerk, Future House, Electro House


Without a doubt, DJ ICON has become an iconic figure in the U.S. dance music industry and beyond. With a career spanning two decades, she has captivated audiences the world over with her genre-spanning heavy hitting sound. Her magnetic stage presence, unmatched skill behind the decks and widely supported productions, have led her to be dubbed one of the leading ladies of this domain.

She discovered the world of raves and electronic music in 1996 at age 16 and quickly found herself being pulled behind the decks. She diligently rose through the ranks of the legendary San Francisco underground at a time when female DJs and promoters were few. In just a few years, she found herself at the center of the growing electronic music phenomenon with a steady stream of local residencies as well as a growing number of stateside and international bookings. Her unmatched ability to make a crowd move has taken her on tours throughout the US, Canada, Asia, and Europe. ICON has blessed the festival stages of such world reknown events as Ultra, Coachella and is a mojor driving force behind the legendary Opulent Temple sound camp at Burning Man where she created a massive dusty fan base both at OT as well as every major sound camp on the playa.

Her short 3-year stint in New York catapulted her into the national television spotlight. In 2001 she was featured alongside Reid Speed, DJ Craze and 10 other DJ’s on the 12-part Showtime documentary “Disc Jockey.” And then in 2003 she was pegged to be the on-air DJ for MTV’s internationally syndicated dance competition “The Wade Robson Project.” Over the years she has also held down features on international radio stations like Sirius FM; Radio Record, Russia’s largest radio station; and KROK NYC.

Her releases on Illeven Eleven Records and Hot Cakes have made their way into the playlists of DJs far and wide and earned her spots on Beatport’s top 10 multiple times. Her most recent collaboration with Deekline, “Hey DJ” reached the number 2 spot on Beatport Breaks charts and received support from The Dub Pistols, Smookie Illson and Fort Knox 5.

So what’s next for this powerhouse bass queen? More productions, remixes and mixes are in the works, as she continues to make her mark in the worldwide dance music industry. And if the last twenty years have proven anything, the future will continue to bring big things from this driven and versatile artist.


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