Opulent Temple at Decompression & After Party 2006

Sunday, October 10, 2008

DAY: 12:00PM

Decompression Heat the Street Faire 2006

Indiana St & 19th St San Francisco, CA 94107


NIGHT:  9:00PM – Late

The Mighty

119 Utah St, San Francisco, CA 94103


Our 4th annual unofficial Decompression Recompression

DAY: We’ll be set up along the Heat the Street Faire near 22nd with the famous ‘O’Pod Featuring special guest of both camps from the last 3 years…

From the Opulent Temple
Syd Gris
Nathan Vain
Jeffrey Allen
…more tba

From the Deep End
John Early & Kramer
Layne Loomis & AJ
Mike Gianninni & Aaron Pope
Clarkie & Greg
Jared & Shooey
Gordie & Sunwoo
Yatta and Girls Gone Deep


NIGHT: Last few years we’ve blown it up once it got too cold and dark to hang out at Decom, down at Sublounge. Now that Sublounge is no longer there, we’ve moved this annual Sunday night fun-fest to Mighty, for still only $5 bones and all your playa favorites, including a special set from reknown house music producer:

The Scumfrog (thescumfrog.com / New York)
+ house & breaks in 2 rooms with
Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
Smoove (djsmoove.net)
Mancub (Space Cowboys)
Kramer (Deep End / djkramer.com)
Nathan Vain (Opulent Temple)
Jive (Fix)
Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)

Sacred Dust: Post Playa with Meat Kaite at The Porn Palace 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Porn Palace

415 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103



We rocked the playa in grand style once again, going bigger and better with sonic bliss and fantastic parties with the most diverse line ups at Burning Man of world class talent. Let’s put 2006 to bed, together, staying in top form as always. The Opulent Temple welcomes the tech funk breaks master himself:

Meat Katie (Moist / Adrift, Lot 49 – UK)

Gathering at the unique Porn Palace underground venue, for a very special night of desert reminiscing and re-bonding, and cutting edge breaks, house, and trance provided by the Opulent Temple residents. Oi! No pre-sale for this one, just please come! If you can’t make it and would like to support the OT, please see our donation page on this site.


Meat Katie
Syd Gris
Nathan Vain
Billy Casazza
Cosmic Selector
Dulce Vita
Dex Stakker

Opulent Temple Burning Man 2006

Burning Man 2006

Hope and Fear: The Future

Black Rock City, NV

2:00 & Esplanade

Welcome back to the Opulent Temple 2006: A Sanctuary for Sacred Dance to World Class Music. Please use the Donation widget in the sidebar to show your support. See you in the desert! Once again we come together as a community in dance, music, and
celebration to conquer fear, and turn hope into action. We believe a
revolution without dance, is a revolution not worth having…. Once again
we’ve put together an epic soundscape of talent.


Monday Night 8/28: The Temple Opening
09:00 Opening ceremony
09:30 Vinkalmann
10:30 Nathan Vain
11:15 Billy Casazza
12:00 Syd Gris
01:00 Cosmic Selector
02:00 Jeffrey Allen
02:45 Dutch
03:45 Sentient

Tuesday Night: Gratitude

08:00 Cosmic Selector
09:00 Influence
10:00 Jive
10:45 Viajay
11:30 Tamo
12:30 Dulce Vita
01:15 Goldilox
02:00 Aaron Jae
02:45 Billy Casazza
03:30 Kepi & Kat
04:30 Treavor
05:30 Billy Seal
Wednesday Night: Sacred Dance Our Annual White Party – White Attire requested
08:00 Chris Dadzitas
09:00 Clark Hamon vs. Layne Loomis
11:00 Adam Ohana
11:45 Billy Casazza
12:45 Lee Coombs
02:45 Jeffrey Allen
04:15 Hoj
05:45 Nathan Vain
07:30 Dutch
Thursday Sunset: Opulent Sunset Sessions
05:30 Majitope
06:15 DJ Seven
07:00 Mike Giannini
07:45 Motion Potion
Thursday Night: This House is Legendary
08:30 Mason
09:15 Billy Seal
10:00 Special Belly Dance Show
11:00 DJ Dan
01:00 The Scumfrog
02:45 D:Fuse
04:45 Hoj
05:45 Syd Gris
07:30 Vinkalmann
Friday Sunset: Opulent Sunset Sessions
05:30 Ed Mazur
06:15 Scottino
07:00 DJ Dan
Friday Night: Hope – Action = Shit
08:30 Satsi
09:30 Donna Matrix
10:15 Aaron Pope
11:00 Dulce Vita
12ish Freq Nasty
01:30 Bassnectar
02:45 Stanton Warriors
04:30 Smoove
05:30 Murphstar
06:30 Chris Sia
07:30 Cosmic Selector
Saturday Night
End Burn Vinkalmann
11:15 Jeffrey Allen
12:30 Nathan Vain
01:45 Syd Gris
03:30 J’Sin
04:45 Dutch
06:15 Sentient vs. Atum
08:30 Opulent Tag

Common Ground: A Burning Man camp party and fundraiser 2006

Friday August 4, 2006

10:00PM – 4:00AM


1525 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


 Opulent Temple has teamed up with The Deep End for one last bash before the playa.

The Professionals Party at The Porn Palace 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006

10:00PM – 5:00AM

The Porn Palace

415 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


The Professional’s Party: A Burning Man camp party and fundraiser for the Opulent Temple

Sometimes you just want to party with other fun professionals*, this is a party for you. After going big for our May fundraiser at Mezzanine, which rocked, we’re going more cozy and intimate for our last camp fundraiser before the great desert pilgrimmage.

This will be a private party for only 350 people and a 100% benefit for the Opulent Temple. 2 rooms of sound and nooks and crannies of fun only to be had at the Porn Palace. 2 bars with cheap drinks. There will be no flyer, and e-promotion will take place inside the communities only. Entry w/ pre-sale only guaranteed until midnight. Professional party attire is a given. (Obviously we’re not talking business suits here people! We’re talking funky, playa, furry, sexy, colorful, different, fun!)

Tickets are $25, and will include your choice of one of the following gifts from us upon arrival.
**Opulent Temple T shirt, available in men and women’s styles
**3 CD set of Hybrid live from the OT in 2004
**3 CD set of D:Fuse live from the OT in 2004
**2 CD set of The Scumfrog live from the OT in 2004
**2 CD set of Lee Coombs live from the OT in 2005
**2 CD set of The Scumfrog live from the OT in 2005
**2 CD set of Syd Gris live from the OT, one from ’04, one from ’05
**1 CD set of Jeffrey Allen live from the OT in 2005
**2 CD set of Syd Gris live from Mighty-3-31 prog set and 4-21 breaks set
**2 CD set of Vinkalmann CD mixes
**Others may be available the night of the party.

ON LINE PRE-SALES ARE SOLD OUT. Plenty of tix available at the door, especially if you arrive by midnight. -OR- pick one up at BPM Records before 8pm. 678 Fillmore @ Hayes.

Other cool shit to be announced…

When we say ‘professionals’, we’re just being cheeky! We don’t mean business profressionals, sex professionals, or anything else – we mean party professionals, fun pros, quality party people. If you have to ask if that’s you, well…


DJ’s include OT pros…
Syd Gris
Jeffrey Allen
Nathan Vain
Daniel Cain
Dulce Vita

The ‘drummin Texan’ doing a special appearance closing set
Tamo and Jayo offering their support

Fearless: BM fundraiser for the Opulent Temple

Saturday, May 13, 2006

10:00PM – 4:00AM

The Mezzanine

444 Jessie St, San Francisco, CA 94103


Fearless: A Burning Man camp party and fundraiser for the Opulent Temple

OT ’04 CD liquidation and give aways
Hop, light, poi, and aerial performance throughout the night

Please bring your toys!!

At the large playground with the fat sound system that is Mezzanine

$10-$15 sliding donation if in playa gear / costume / fearless
$15 street clothes


Syd Gris
Jeffrey Allen
Nathan Vain
Dulce Vita

Aaron Pope
Fred Funk

Episode IV: A New Hope – Burning Man 2006 starts now

Friday, February 24, 2006

10:00PM – 4:00AM

DNA Lounge

375 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103


100% of proceeds benefits the OT taking it to the next level at BM 2K6. We’re starting early, cause we’re not fucking around.
Space age, sci fi, or just wookie furry playa freak wear requested! Nano-nano.

$10 pre-sale available right here
$15 door spaced out and/or playafied
$20 if still on Earth
Burning Man 2006 starts now.


Main Room:

Hyper (Wired, UK)
Laird (Get Yer Freak On)
Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
Donna Matrix (Newsbreakz)
8-Ball (Space Cowboys)


Jeffrey Allen (Opulent Temple)
Nathan Vain (Opulent Temple)
Geeno (Opulent Temple)
Vinkalmann (Opulent Temple)
Billy Seal (Opulent Temple)


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