Burning Man Mixes: 2008

Featuring mixes by: Carl Cox, Christopher Lawrence, The Scumfrog, Bunny from Rabbit in the Moon, Dylan Rhymes, Ali B, Lee Coombs, Dutch and more recorded live from Opulent Temple at Burning Man 2008.

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Opulent Temple & Deep End present Music Is Art a Post Playa Party

Friday, November 14, 2008

10:00PM – 4:00AM

Mission Rock

817 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158


Next Up from the O.T. : Opulent Temple & The Deep End

We’re joining up with our playa brothers in fun who bring to the day what we bring to the night for a blow out celebration of fun and community in 4 rooms of music and dance to clear our debts from this past year.

As you surely know by now, we get no help from Burning Man to bring our world class production to Black Rock City, so we rely solely on the community to help make it happen. We know how much the music experience means to why a LOT of people go, and we know that Music is Art. Let’s hope some other folks can catch up with evolution…
$15 pre-sales available now

OT at Decompression & After Party 2008

Sunday, October 10, 2008

DAY: 12:00PM

How Weird Street Faire

Minnesota St. & 19th St., San Francisco, CA 94107


NIGHT:  7:00PM

The Mighty

119 Utah St, San Francisco, CA 94103


DAY: The Opulent Temple and our bros at the Deep End will have a stage together at Decompression near the south end of the park.

NIGHT : Opulent Temple’s annual After Party at Mighty

When you’re ready to move indoors, come down to Mighty for the Opulent Temple’s annual ‘next step’ on the night following the Decompression event. With indoor and outdor areas, 2 rooms of sound from your playa favorites, and a special appearance by a secret guest, this is sure to keep the fun going as long as you can keep dancing.

With a ‘special secret guest’ and Opulent Temple residents such as Syd Gris, Cosmic Selector, Drew Drop, Dulce Vita, Jeff Taisch,
Influence (Strategik), T Dub (Tahe Breakz) and much more tba.
Tickets $10

Burning Man 2008 Long Form

‘Long Form’

This year we wanted to give more info and background on our nights and what we are trying to say, the dj’s that play, who they are and why they get to play the treasured spots at Opulent Temple, and some back stories that illuminate how this comes together. It’s a frequent question we get about how to get a slot, if you read this it will become clear, that by and large, you get it the old fashioned way, you earn it.

To see the ‘short form’ of the 2008 schedule, click here.

Opulent Temple 2008 – The Final Cut ?

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Opulent Temple Burning Man 2008


Burning Man 2008

American Dream

Black Rock City, NV

2:00 & Esplanade

We know you came to dance. And to bask in the sweet spot with the tickle of bass, fully alive. Bonded in this moment of shared peak experience, showing up to stand in the space that you are. Let’s use the party not just to be, but also to do. Drawing strength to engage with a clear mind and open heart. Using that wisdom for the insight to not fear death, to build our courage to stand against the tyranny of the Age. To find ways, in community, to evolve beyond the collision course with cold truth we’ve been complicit in. This is why we do what we do.

And we intend to have a kick ass time while we’re doing it. It’s important to us that you know, no dj’s gets paid to play, ever. Almost all contributed in some fashion to our existence this year. We built everything you see in our dance area ourselves. We get no help from the BM org, and that’s a shame. We have your support though, and we thank you deeply. We’re always needing and appreciative of donations if you’re moved (see donation widget in sidebar).

We look forward to creating this dream with you.


Monday Night 8/25: ‘Welcome to an Opulent American Dream’
08:30 Opening Ceremony
09:00 Jeff Taisch
10:00 Drew Drop
11:00 Dex Stakker
12:00 Cosmic Selector
01:00 Vinkalmann
02:00 Dutch
03:00 Atum
Tuesday Night: Gratitude
08:00 Wolfie
09:15 Michael Anthony
10:15 Clarkie
10:45 Ben Seagren
11:15 Layne Loomis
11:45 Kramer
12:15 Syd Gris
01:15 Smoove
02:15 Dex Stakker
03:15 Cosmic Selector
04:15 Dulce Vita
05:15 Billy Casazza
06:15 Drew Drop vs. Billy Seal
Wednesday Night: Sacred Dance Our Annual White Party – White Attire requested
08:00 Newmindspace
09:15 Billy Seal
10:15 Ed Real
11:00 Billy Casazza
12:00 Tom Real
01:15 The Scumfrog
02:45 Tim Healey
04:00 Vinkalmann
05:00 Ghost Wolf
06:00 Dutch
07:15 Patricio
Thursday Day: A Re-Vamped Day Party w/ the Phoenix Bar
01:00 Derek Hena
02:00 Tamo
03:00 Jive
04:00 Mace
05:00 Laird
06:00 Fort Knox 5
Thursday Night: The Perils of Patriotism
08:00 Jamie Lin
09:30 Belly Dance Show
10:15 Jefr Tale
11:15 Dulce Vita
12:15 Ali B
01:30 Dylan Rhymes
02:45 Lee Coombs
04:00 Cosmic Selector
05:00 DJ ICON
06:00 Syd Gris
07:15 dj-tba
Friday Day: A Re-Vamped Day Party w/ the Phoenix Bar
01:00 Matt Hosley
02:00 Kane Glenister
03:00 Avi Ram
04:00 Worthy
05:00 Taylor
06:00 Vinkalmann
Friday Night: What if the Dream was Real?
08:00 Blue Sunshine
09:00 Jeff Taisch
10:00 Atimatik
11:00 Mark Lewis
12:00 DJ Dan
01:15 Carl Cox
03:15 Christopher Lawrence
04:30 Dutch
05:30 J’Sin
07:00 Atum
Saturday Day: A Re-Vamped Day Party w/ the Phoenix Bar
  • 01:30 Amanda Michele
  • 02:15 Motion Potion
  • 03:15 Little John
  • 04:15 Nick McAllister
  • 05:15 Hoj
  • (6:15)
Saturday Night: The America Ahead – Dreams and Nightmares
10:00 Drew Drop
11:15 Dex Stakker
12:15 Adam Freeland
01:30 Syd Gris
03:00 Josh Gabriel
04:30 Dyloot of Deep Voices
05:30 Opulent Tag Team / last notes

Opulent Temple Send-Off Party with Ali B

Saturday, August 16, 2008


1337 Mission St #67, San Francisco, CA 94103


We’re almost there, and it’s just about time to return to our own annual pilgrimage to the desert. The OT has gotten awesome support from the community to help us return for what is set to be our best year yet! Please come out in support and celebration, as we bring the San Francisco debut of UK breaks taste maker Ali B (Fabric / Air, London, UK).

Check out the POCAST

n true Burning Man fashion, Ali B kicks off with a politically charged message “Time For the Revolution” to build up momentum backed by techno-tastic beats.
His set encompasses a truly diverse range of electronic genres, from techno to breaks to electro to blips and beeps and back to breaks, taking us on a very twisted trip. His presence behind the decks is super-charged and full of energy.

“Yep, Burning Man is one of a kind,” nods Ali. “The desert is like a big blank canvas or the white walls of a gallery and for one week a year it gets filled to the brim with all sorts of crazy stuff – moving and stationary artwork, music, crazy vehicles, bikes, costumes and lots of fire.” Ali B, founder of Air Recordings, definitely adds a big splash of modern edge with his colorful brand of raw funk.

Opulent Temple presents Funky Dust at Mighty

Saturday, July 26, 2008

10:00PM – 4:00AM

The Mighty

119 Utah St, San Francisco, CA 94103


A double header of playa worthy action as the OT gets the support of both Lee Coombs and The Scumfrog in this dusted up night. PHAT. SICK. AWESOME. As you probably know by now, we continue to elevate our production, as well of course evolve our unprecedented line up of world class talent. But, as you also know, we do this only with your help, as BM doesn’t give sound camps squat.

Joined by the OT’s posse Syd Gris, Dutch, Vinkalmann, Dex Stakker, Nathan Vain, Dulce Vita, Hoj, Billy Cassaza, and Billy Seal.
We’ll do 3 areas of sound. $15 playafied in any way, $20 otherwise. OT Live Recordings on hand.


Lee Coombs
The Scumfrog
Syd Gris
Dex Stakker

Nathan Vain
Dulce Vita
Billy Casazza
Billy Seal

Opulent Temple benefit in LA – Hipgenesis presents ‘Pop Stars & Rock Stars’ in Hollywood.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Los Angeles, CA


Opulent Temple benefit in LA – Hipgenesis presents ‘Pop Stars & Rock Stars’ in Hollywood.

The Opulent Temple hits So. Cal LA stylie, with the help from friends at Hipgenesis and Pocket.

Featuring: Wolfie

Opulent Temple Benefit at Cargo in London UK

Saturday, June 28, 2008


83 Rivington St, London EC2A 3AY, United Kingdom

Opulent Temple benefit in London, UK at Cargo w/ Dylan Rhymes & Ali B

Opulent Temple presents: Get Lucky at Supperclub

Friday, June 13, 2008


657 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107



Next up from the Opulent Temple to get us back on the playa brings us the seminal producer and dj, Dylan Rhymes (Lot 49 / London, UK). One half (along with Meat Katie) of the talent behind Lot 49 Records, the gold standard of tech funk releases, Dylan Rhymes has produced monster cuts in many a genre and is respected world wide for both his production skills and DJ performances. He came out to Burning Man for the first time last year after loving the Opel parties and not only loved, it, but got down and dirty with us during the camp construction. He ROCKS the party in a fresh, funky dirty infectious sound. Come get lucky with us at Supperclub on Friday the 13th!


Dylan Rhymes
Cosmic Selector
Dulce Vita


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