New Bohemia NYE 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

8:00PM – 4:00AM

The Armory SF

1800 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103


Vau de Vire, Opel Productions & presents: NEW BOHEMIA NYE 2015

The Vision: The next evolution in co-creating a world like no other! In association with Opulent Temple, Distrikt, Dusty Rhino & more

New Bohemia is not just the 2nd Annual NYE’s event at the iconic Armory, it’s also a special and co-created place. A world like no other. Part the velvet red curtains to find an SF twist on those timeless bohemian values of Truth, Beauty, Love and Freedom. Further into the castle find cutting edge sounds, SF’s most dynamic creative communities, and the synergy of intentional revelry on the precipice of a new year.  Poets and performers, aerialists and DJ’s, burlesque dancers and live painters, acrobats and absinthe hawkers, Art Cars and visual treats, crimson busts and decadent costumes; are all to be found in different markets, plazas, private upstairs chambers and titillating dark corners and streets inside New Bohemia NYE. We intentionally did not go for the ‘mega headliners’, because we’re much more interested in creating a community based spectacle of art and talents amongst the amazing people of the SF artistic underground. And – we wanted to keep the ticket prices accessible for a party this big and offering so much on NYE. The curtain is raising again on the show worth getting excited about New Years Eve. Let’s ring it in together.

Dress code? Not really, but sky is the limit on your creativity! The playa meets Moulin Rouge is our costume suggestion

YEP- we know the line sucked last year. This will be remedied. Still – help us help you by arriving early. We’re opening at 8:00 instead of 9:00 to hopefully reduce the crush.

LOTS of volunteer opportunities, write us

Questions? –




Elite Force aka Simon Shackleton (Stereo Phoenix, UK)
The Scumfrog ( / Knee Deep in Sound)
Lee Coombs (Thrust Recordings / Lot 49, UK)
Unified Midnight Countdown Performance by Vau de Vire Society & Sambadrop (

Stages, Worlds, Corners and Playgrounds by:


Lee Coombs (Thrust Recordings / Lot 49, UK)
Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
DJ ICON (Opulent Temple/
Kimba (Opel / Delta 9)
Clarkie (Dusty Rhino)
Brian Williams (Opulent Temple)
Grammar (Opulent Temple)


Performances & spectacle throughout the night. Special midnight countdown show under the canopy.

Elite Force aka Simon Shackleton (Stereo Phoenix, UK)

Ben Seagren
Darren Grayson
Matt Kramer
Paul Geddes


Special VIP Lounge on the intriguing 4th Floor of the Armory Hosted by

With Deep, Smooth, Sexy & Playful Music by:
The Scumfrog ( / Knee Deep in Sound)
Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)
Drew Drop (Opulent Temple)
Mystr Hatcher (Dusty Rhino)
Mo Corleone (Want It!, Ambient Mafia)
& more tba
Watch for exclusive performances, cast and model appearances and live bondage demos on the 4th Floor. (See ticket page for VIP details)



A new deep & dark dance area in the Armory basement in the ‘Roman Baths’

The Scumfrog ( / Knee Deep in Sound)
ELiKi (Opulent Temple)
MetaTek (Opulent Temple)
Clarkie (Dusty Rhino)
NUGZ (Dusty Rhino)
& more tba


Lounge Zones Throughout New Bohemia


SF’s finest collectives and most talented artists coming soon.

And more:

  • Cabana Row: A New private raised platform areas alongside each main stage in the Drill Court with couches, seating, tables and optional bottle service available.
  • Private studio rooms for rent. Contact us for details
  • Trashkan Marching band
  • Jazz Mafia soloists
  • Live Painting
  • Big f’ing lazers
  • Vending Areas from local designers
  • 3D mapped visuals by Biolumence (OcuCult)
  • Opus Sound
  • Food Vendors
  • Spontaneous participant moments of artistic brilliance
  • Slightly dangerous and subversive forms of creativity

Opulent Temple presents: Gratitude

Saturday, November 22, 2014

9:00PM – 4:00AM

The Armory SF

1800 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103


We know we’ve asked for your support again and again, but we think it’s fair to say we show you a good time doing it, and our track record is pretty damn good at delivering. So come see what we do with our toys in the Drill Court, and let’s be Opulent together.

Have some Art or Gift you’d like to share and support the cause? Want to set up a vending booth? Please contact Hearing about our plight, the kind supporters at the Armory are letting Opulent Temple run wild in the Drill Court of this historic building. As you know we went big-big at Burning Man this year, and despite our best efforts and awesome community support, our debt is pretty intense and it’s currently severely limiting our future options. (For a nice visual aid on what kind of how big we went – please see this video that’s a great collage of moments from OT this year put together by camp mate Kevin Bennett.)

Opulent Temple also officially formed a new 501c non-profit this year with our mission intact to bring sacred dance to world class music with the goal of positive social change, but also to funnel some of those efforts into public art and community beautification

3 Areas of Music featuring our new O Pod 3.0 (Armagan), + our new LED lit DJ booth, big visuals and art from OT and friends.

A 100% Benefit for Opulent Temple’s 501c and for our future!



Opulent Temple residents in the BIG sound zone

Syd Gris
Billy Seal
Drew Drop
DJ Brian Williams


OT residents and guests in the 2 channel silent disco
Powered by ZEROdB and Silent Storm zone

Billy Casazza
Mike Butler
Meta Tek
Tuff Break
Vitamin Devo (Laser Native / Heart Phoenix)
Influence (Strategik)
Dr Whiskers (Strategik / Brass Tax)

Big Art and Live Art with:

Facepainting by Cassandra Love
Live Painting by Derek Heinemann
The Desert Spring
Visuals by FulMelt

  • Full Bars
  • Seating and Lounge Areas
  • Face Painting
  • Live Painters
  • Lazers by UV99
  • Performance Art
  • Participatory Gratitude Wall
  • Vending
  • Coat Check
  • ATM’s

Dark Karnival 2014 Presented By OT & Friends

Friday, October 31 , 2014

9:00PM – 4:00AM

Lot 613

613 Imperial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021


Dark Karnival 2014 presented by Opulent Temple, The Steampunk Saloon, & The Cruz Coalition

It is that time of year again……the Dark Karnival is coming to town. All the evil clowns will be in attendance!

Your hosts for the 2nd year in a row will be Opulent Temple, The Steampunk Saloon & The Cruz Coalition!

Live Art
Boogaloo Art Car Hosting Silent Disco
3 Areas of music to choose from!

Get Your Ghoul Tickets


Opulent Temple / Cruz Coalition Room:

9-10:30: Mahal (The Cruz Coalition)
10:30-11:30: EVA (Broke as F**k / The Cruz Coalition)
11:30-12:30: Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)
12:30-2: Mafia Kiss (Punks)
2-3: Loomer (The Cruz Coalition)
3-4: Lou E. Bagels (Dirty Beetles)

Steampunk Saloon:

10-11: LiquorBox (The Cruz Coalition)
11-12: Janneke (Steampunk Saloon)
12-1: Oscure (L.A.B.A.)
1-2: Mia Dangerfield (Steampunk Saloon)
2-3: KerryBoBerry (Steampunk Saloon)

Silent Disco:

11-12: Fucsia (Reset LA)
12-1: Mike Insane (Ninja Skillz)
1-2: Grammar (Opulent Temple)
2-3: Hooni (Transmorphagon)

OT at Decompression & Annual After-Party 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Mighty

119 Utah St, San Francisco, CA 94103



It’s official – for the first time since 2010, OT will be back at the day portion of Decompression doing a stage. We’ll be bringing O Pod 3.0, and sharing created space at Indiana & Mariposa with our friends at Charlie’s Unicorn art car out of LA. And of course, the after party is on for that night at Mighty (info below). We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – best take Monday off!

Starts at Noon




Charlie The Unicorn & Opulent Temple Stage

12:00-1:00: ELiKi
1:00-3:00: LOBOMAN vs Erik Nelson
3:00-4:00: Brian Peek
4:00-5:00: WhiteNoize
5:00-6:00: Drew Drop
6:00-7:00: LiquorBox
7:00-8:00: Billy Seal
8:00-9:00: divaDanielle
9:00-10:00: Syd Gris

Day Beats from OT: (in ABC order)

Billy Seal
Brian Peek
Drew Drop
Syd Gris

Charlie’s Art Car with:

Erik Nelson


After a day heating the street, it’s time for Opulent Temple’s (totally unofficial and unsanctioned) After Party at Mighty right around the corner, so save some mojo for us ! OT residents and guests will be in effect for a smooth party transition. We’re kind of in mad debt from Burning Man so this 100% benefit is a big one for us to climb out of the red. We hope to see you.

Sliding donation cover


Check out pics from last year here

No pre-sales on this one, just come out and play!

Opulent Temple residents (in ABC order):

Brian Williams
Dulce Vita
MetaTek (JB)
divaDanielle (Charlie’s Unicorn, LA)
Loomer (Cruz Coalition, LA

Opulent Temple Burning Man 2014


Burning Man 2014


Black Rock City,  NV

10:00 & Esplanade

Opulent Temple is pleased to come back after a well deserved break last year for our 11th offering of sacred dance to world class music. We worked really hard all year long to re-vamp our look with a new DJ booth, 3D visual screens and more touches we know you’ll enjoy. It’s large scale joy creation, though not just for joy’s sake, but also to connect and awaken, and to bring those lessons and moments back to the world to be a force for good. The world needs our engagement amidst it’s chaos and turbulence.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of us and our events so that we can be here to do what we do. As we know you know, it’s a community effort, solely supported by you and us. See you under the stars and the fire!


Sunday 8/24 : The New Monday
09:00 Opening Ceremony: Syd Gris & Exoendo
09:45 Sliced Bread
10:45 ELiKi
11:30 Don Gentry
12:15 JB
1:00 Grammar
01:45 Billy Casazza
Monday Night: The Show Must Go On
09:00 Glitzy
10:00 Drew Drop
11:00 Brother Hill
12:00 Lee Coombs
01:00 Cosmic Selector
2:00 TMI
03:00  Disfunktion
Tuesday Night: Soul > Ego
08:00 Mystr Hatchet
08:30 DJ Clarkie & DJ Alvaro Bravo
09:30 DJMK
10:00 Nugz
10:30 DJ Dane
11:00 Ben Seagren
12:00 DJ Dan
01:00 Ken Jordan of the Crystal Method
02:15 DJ Brian Williams
03:15 Kramer vs. Kramer
04:15 Vitamin Devo
05:15 Dave Seaman (Special Sunrise Set)
Wednesday Night: Sacred Dance, Our Annual White Party
White Attire requested
08:00 Boris Levit
09:00 Diggs
10:00 The Dancetronauts feat. PhilthyPhil & TravNasty
11:00 Syd Gris
12:00 Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation (DJ set)
01:30 Infected Mushroom (Live PA)
03:00 Christopher Lawrence
04:00 Vulcan
05:00 Artimus Prime
06:00 Dulce Vita & Exoendo
Thursday Night: Mega Spectacle
08:00 Mike Butler
09:00 Tuff Break
10:00 Distraction
11:00 Billy Seal
12:00 Skrillex
01:15 Diplo
02:45 Drew Drop
03:45 Dulce Vita
04:45 Jonboy
05:45 Jocelyn
Friday Night: Heart Pathways
08:00 Radiohiro
09:00 Popof
10:00 ELiKi
11:00 Bushwhacka
12:00 Carl Cox
02:00 Billy Casazza
03:00 Vinkalmann
04:15 Brian Peek
05:30 Peter Blick
Saturday Night: Cleansed in Fire
10:00 JB
12:00 Grammar
01:00 Funkagenda
02:15 Lee Coombs
03:30 Mike Butler
04:30 Ian Powers
05:30 Loomer

Opulent Temple presents: Tipping Point

TFriday July 11, 2014

9:30PM – 4:00AM

The Public Works SF
161 Erie Street, San Francisco CA 94103


Opulent Temple enlists your support one last time this summer to help us reach our “Tipping Point” to make our 2014 camp happen. To pack the most dancing mojo out of this do or die fundraiser, we’ve enlisted 3 awesome and eclectic world-class staples of their respective sounds. To go big on this one, we’ll also be taking over the street outside the club for an expanded outdoor area with Art Cars, silent disco, Art works and more fun in the works.

We have one more mission to reach our ‘Tipping Point’ of being able to give you the offering we hope to give in the desert this year. To pack the most dancing mojo out of this do or die fundraiser, we’ve enlisted 3 awesome and eclectic, world-class staples of their respective sounds to absolutely blow the roof off our last party before embarking.

Epic breaks and electro power from one of the American pioneers of dance music in TCM. UK Drum n Bass legend Aphrodite just never disappoints and the ultra talented producer and DJ Funkagenda will bring his fresh takes on house and tech upstairs for more party than you’ll know what to do with. (Actually, we’re quite confident you’ll totally know what to do!)

Dress funky people. Not to be missed!




The Crystal Method


Opulent Temple Kickstarter Campaign!

Go to our Kickstarter page

Continue reading “Opulent Temple Kickstarter Campaign!”

Opulent Temple at DISTRIKT Revel Station

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

2:00PM – 10:00PM

16th Street Train Station

1601 Wood Street, Oakland, CA


Opulent Temple is all aboard the Revel Express as we join Distrikt‘s day-to-evening event at the old 16th St Train Station in West Oakland for what looks to be a pretty mega-tastic event to help our friends at Distrikt get back to the playa in full force. There will be 4 areas of music including 2 Distrikt stages, the Dusty Rhino and Opulent Temple will hold court inside the old lobby in an awesome and unique building.

Held at the historic 16th Street Train Station in Oakland (first exit off the Bay Bridge and just a few blocks from BART). If you’ve not caught glimpse of this beautiful building, take a moment to check it out here:

If that wasn’t enough reason to come out to play, Opulent Temple @ Revel will also serve as our own Gemini Bash as we celebrate the birthdays of core members Syd Gris, Brian Williams, Drew Drop and Brother Hill!

$20 presale / $30 door.



Opulent Temple Station Stage:

2:00pm JB
3:00pm Billy Seal
4:00pm Drew Drop
5:00pm Grammar
6:00pm DJ Icon
7:00pm DJ Brian Williams
8:00pm Syd Gris
9:00pm The Scumfrog

OT presents: Music Is (Still) Art

Friday, May 16th, 2014

9:30PM – 3:30AM

The Public Works

161 Erie St, San Francisco, CA 94103


Please join Opulent Temple’s next step on our ambitious playa plans this year with a whole new front of house set up to enjoy big beats and warm fire under the desert stars.

Joined by 2 playa homies and pillars of quality dance music here to stand with us to communicate the obvious truth that Music is (still) Art

We’re taking over both floors of Public Works for this 100% benefit to make it happen, and as always – only with your help!




DJ Dan (In Stereo Recordings)
Lee Coombs (Thrust / LOt 49, UK)

Opulent Temple residents:
Dulce Vita
The Quadrobe
Mike Butler

Visuals by FulMelt





Opulent Temple’s Annual Sacred Dance ‘White Party’ in LA 2014

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

9:00PM – 4:00AM

Lot 613
613 Imperial Street Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021


Opulent Temple, Cruz Coalition & Steampunk Saloon present: Sacred Dance

The OT is bringing our signature event back to Los Angeles again to rock some synergy with our friends and you. Lot 613 will be transformed in 3 areas, inside and out, into a white oasis of art, beauty and eclectic finery. Attendees are part of the decor with creative and fabulous interpretations of white attire and the vibe will once be golden! This is one of the good ones. Please join us in Sacred Dance.

Stunning visuals. Special performance and ambient art in motion throughout the night.

Come early, stay late

White attire requested, but you knew that.





9:00: Billy Seal
11:45: Mike Balance
1:00: Lee Coombs
2:30: Loomer

10:00: BRC
11:00: Diggs
12:00: Fatfinger
1:00: Wolfie
2:00: luxe Laredo

9:30 Winnebago
11:00 Mia Dangerfield
12:00 Lou E Bagels
1:00 Syd Gris
2:00 Jesse Wright

LEE COOMBS (Thrust, Lot 49, Freakazoids / UK)
MIKE BALANCE (InStereo Recordings / Camp Charlie)
SYD GRIS (Opulent Temple / Opel Productions, SF)
LOOMER (Camp Charlie / Cruz Coalition)
DIGGS (Steampunk Saloon)
BILLY SEAL (Opulent Temple, SF)
JESSE WRIGHT (idiot Savant / Do Lab)
LOU E BAGELS (Dirty Beetles)
WINNEBAGO (Dirty Beetles)


Event Photography by: CuriousJosh
-“all photographers welcome!” -Josh

Vending areas outside:

QueenKing Designs
Organic Chakra Women’s T-Shirts
Pulse Pleasure
Aya Papaya
Alan Joseph Designs

Body Painting By:
Meowie Wowie with Burning Tribe Body Art!

Also joining us will be:
EMA: The Electronic Music Alliance

Boogaloo Art Car hosting Silent Disco.



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