Opulent Temple Burning Man 2016

Burning Man 2016

DaVinci’s Workshop

Black Rock City, NV

10:00 & Donatello


Opulent Temple returns, for Chapter 14 at Burningman, to bring our vision of sacred dance to world class music in the desert. Thanks for taking this ride with us! We still give the gift of the extensive effort because of the community and the co-created vibe. Our goal is to connect and awaken, and to bring that back into the default world all year round. Especially in an election year, the need for conscious people taking action is a responsibility we all share.

We’re not trying to be the biggest and the baddest this year, but just do our Opulent thing and bring our vibe and invite anyone that wants to come find us to be a part of it. (So come find us at 10&D) Thank you all for your on going support of us and our events so that we can be here to do what we do. See you on the dance floor, under the stars and the fire.

See you at 10:00 & Donatello


Monday 8/29: Opening Night, chapter 14
9:00 Opening Ceremony / Exoendo
10:00 Dulce Vita
11:00 Don Gentry
12:00 Billy Seal
1:00 Grammar
2:00 Billy Casazza
Tuesday: Friends in High Places
9:00 FabulousFab
10:00 Chris Tower
11:00 DJ Hil
12:00 Peter Blick
1:00 DJ Dan
2:15 divaDanielle
3:15 Sacha Robotti
4:15 Mystr Hatchet
5:15 Ben Seagren
Wednesday: Sacred Dance “White Party”
8:00 Lucas Med
9:00 Foo Fou
10:00 Mass Ritual: Syd Gris & Exoendo
10:05 Syd Gris
11:30 Brian Peek
12:30 Carl Cox
2:00 Billy Casazza
3:00 Vinkalmann
4:30 Leyl Black
5:30 Michael Scalar & Violin Girl
Thursday Night: Low Slung
8:00 Dot Diggler
9:00 Rizzo Vassalo
10:00 Tamo
11:00 Tim the Enchanter
12:00 Billy Seal
1:00 Stanton Warriors
2:30 DJ Icon
3:30 Deekline
4:30 Deya Dova
5:30 Ayla Nereo sunrise set
Friday Night: Future City
8:00 Ames
9:00 Clint Williams
10:00 Kimba
11:00 Hatrias
12:00 Grammar
1:00 Infected Mushroom – LIVE PA
2:30 Vulkan
3:30 Artimus Prime
4:30 Borrris
5:30 Gunslinger
Saturday Night: Renaissance Integration
10:00 Kerry Auret
11:30 Hoj
12:30 Dulce Vita
1:30 Ian Powers
2:30 Non-Sequitur
3:30 Cosmic Selector
4:30 Amine K


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